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Alleged Hazing of Rookie Firefighters

by webmaster |

The following is from ch.8 in Las Vegas, NV.

An investigation by the Federal Bureau of Land Management found evidence of hazing and sexual harassment of rookie firefighters during training. The Channel 8 I-Team first reported Wednesday night that an investigation was underway into alleged wrongdoing by BLM fire crews.

The BLM was reluctant to describe what charges were being probed, but Thursday night, they're talking on the record. The BLM insists that some of the more shocking allegations reported by the Channel 8 I-Team were "not" substantiated by their investigation. But that investigators did find evidence of sexual harassment, hazing, and inappropriate behavior by as many as ten BLM fire personnel.

A spokeswoman for the government clarified by saying that the probe centered on two fire crews consisting of ten fire employees. That a female recruit was sexually harassed by a veteran firefighter and that other recruits were demeaned and humiliated by being forced to wear children's dolls around their necks were among the findings.