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Smokejumper Digital Archive

The Smokejumper Digital Archive at Eastern Washington University

From the NSA Mission Statement:

The National Smokejumper Association, through a cadre of volunteers and partnerships, is dedicated to preserving the history and lore of smokejumping, maintaining and restoring our nation's forest and rangeland resources and responding to special needs of smokejumpers and their families."

With this mission as a guiding principle, the National Smokejumper Association and the archival professionals at Eastern Washington University, have collaborated to put together a digital archive of Smokejumper material in the interest of curating these vital documents, images, publications, and video, along with the legacy and lore they preserve.

From the main page of The Smokejumper Digital Archive:

The Smokejumper Digital Archive consists largely of photographs, publications, documents, and films on the history of smokejumping in the United States, with a particular emphasis on the National Smokejumper Association and the 555th Black Airborne Infantry Battalion, known as the Triple Nickle.

Please take a moment to visit and enjoy the project:

Once there, find the following collections, or use the links provided here, to access them directly:

You may also enjoy the parent project put together by EWU's excellent archival professionals on all topics relating to the University, and beyond: