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The National Smokejumper Association actively pursues its mission throughout the year. Your contributions are the lifeblood of our dedicated programs and special operations as we support smokejumpers and their families.

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Dedicated Programs

We have three dedicated programs that provide direct support to jumpers and their immediate families and provide support for our outdoor resources.

Good Samaritan Fund

The NSA provides financial support to jumpers and their families in times of need or hardship. Read more about the Good Samaritan Fund

Scholarship Fund

The NSA awards several annual scholarships to current jumpers and immediate family for education at the college or trade school level. Read more about the Scholarship Fund

Trails Program (TRAMPS)

For 25 years, NSA teams have completed projects of opening and maintaining trails plus repairing backcountry cabins. Read more about the Trails Program Fund

General Programs

The NSA operates other programs to preserve our history and provide all available information to Smokejumpers and the general public. (in alpha order)

Al Dunton Leadership Award

Annually recognizes and honors excellence among active jumpers, as selected by current Jump Base Managers.

KIA Recognition

The NSA honors the memory of smokejumpers killed in the line of duty. We maintain plaques that are displayed at all nine jump bases, the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, and the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.

NSA News

The NSA notifies its members and the public about reunions, deaths, and other events that occur throughout the year. Notification is done through Smokejumpers.com, Smokejumper Magazine, and our facebook page.

Smokejumper Historical Preservation

The NSA supports projects that preserve the history and lore of Smokejumping. The NSA reaches out to Smokejumpers and pilots to cooperate in development of various projects to record and preserve Smokejumper history in photos, videos, words and events.

For instance, the National Smokejumper Association and the archival professionals at Eastern Washington University, have collaborated to put together a Smokejumper Digital Archive in the interest of curating these vital documents, images, publications, and video, along with the legacy and lore they preserve.

Smokejumper Magazine

The NSA issues it Smokejumper Magazine once each quarter. Smokejumper Magazine includes articles about current issues within the Smokejumper community as well as articles and discussions about events that took place during our entire history. Older issues are readily available on Smokejumpers.com. Join the NSA Membership and receive current issues of the magazine.

Smokejumper Website (smokejumpers.com)

The NSA maintains this website where Smokejumpers and members of the general public can find information about Smokejumping. The website also includes a database of over 6,000 Smokejumpers who completed training as well as links to other sites that contain information on actual fire jumps made out of selected bases.

Please Donate to the NSA today!