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Garage Into Brewery

by Kristen Inbody GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE |

Great Beer

Last Year For DC-3

by Rob Chaney--Missoulian |

The End of the Doug

Bases Jumped Out

by Chris Sorensen |

On Sunday afternoon August 18, several Bases are jumped out.

RAC Reunion Postponed

by Chris Sorensen |

Due to repeated poor air quality indexes associated with the Pole Creek Fire that and its proximity to the proposed site of the SMJK reunion next weekend, the committee has unanimously agreed to suspend the celebration until a later date.

Smoke Jumpers fight lightning fires

by Patric Hedlund and Gary Meyer |

Skies exploded with crashing thunder and strobing lightning as a tropical storm cell pounded the western end of the Mountain Communities with heavy rains Saturday, Aug. 11. Flooding water gushed down streets in Pine Mountain.

Lightning fire burning in Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

by Joel Metzger |

A lightning fire called the Wheats Fire was discovered early Monday morning had burned 20 acres in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness as of Tuesday afternoon, according to a report from the Stanislaus National Forest Service.

Historic First Fire Jump In South Dakota

by Chris Sorensen |

8 BLM Jumpers from a Spike Base in Rawlins WY made the first ever fire jump in South Dakota on the Parker Peak Fire June 3, 2012

Russian Smokejumpers Visit Missoula Base

by Chris Sorensen |

The Missoula SmokeJumper Base hosted a contingent of Russian Smokejumpers in an effort to improve management of wildfire and agricultural burning.

Smoke Jumper, Moon Pilot Released

by webmaster |

Life of Smoke Jumper and Apollo Astronaut Stuart Roosa is chronicled in new book from Acclaim Press and Willie G. Moseley

Eddy Wards Retirement Party

by Doug Houston |

Eddy Ward, Missoula Smokejumper Unit Manager, is retiring and you are all welcome to see him off.

Death-Wish Jobs: Smokejumpers Meld Sky Diving, Firefighting

by webmaster |

Smokejumpers spend their careers going to the wrong place at the wrong time. They parachute to the edge of wildfires deep in roadless wilderness, then fight the massive blazes with little more than hand tools.

New North Cascades Base Manager

by Doug Houston |

Congratulations to Daren Belsby, the 6th base manager of the North Cascades Smokejumper Base.

Smokey Bear Campaign

by Michael Bellavia |

Our current focus is to get Smokeys message out to young adults via social media

Cliff Dalzell (MSO-61) Memorial

by Chuck Sheley |

Cliff's memorial service has been scheduled for July 12 at 11 AM at St. John's Cathedral in Boise.

Recent Smokejumper Retirements

by Doug Houston |

He left jumping last Friday and started a new job with the State of Montana as head of their safety program. So much for retirement...

CMT airs series on Smokejumpers

by Carl Gidlund |

For those who may be interested, this Friday on CMT a new television series focused on our Smokejumpers will air on CMT.

Richard Rothermel Recalls helping Norman Maclean

by Chris Sorensen |

Retired Fire Scientist Richard Rothermel made a presentation on the Forest Service pamphlet "The Race that Couldn't Be Won" at the Intermountain Fire Lab this week.

75th Anniversary of DC-3 this year at Oshkosh

by Larry Longley |

The Oshkosh Airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is planning a huge gathering of DC-3's in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the DC-3.

Johnson Tri Motor N8419 Flies Again

by Chris Sorensen |

Johnson Flying Service Ford Trimotor N8419 flew from Kalamazoo/Battel Creek Michigan Airport to Alma Michigan this week after being resotred by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Leonard Piper Remembered in His Hometown

by Chris Sorensen |

Leonard Piper grew up on a farm with five brothers and three sisters. He was a popular student at Derry High School, where he took part in a play and enlisted in the Navy before graduating in 1945.

Fire Burning near Mann Gulch

by Chris Sorensen |

As of this morning the fire was at 457 acres with one Type II hand crew, and a helicopter and engine on the fire.

Last Frontier

by webmaster |

There was a really big open area to jump into, and I think I jinxed myself because I told my buddy, Oh, I can land in that.

BLM Firefighter Killed in the Line of Duty

by Chris Sorensen |

Brett Stearns, 29, from Craig, Colo., was working with 12 other firefighters to clear trees at Freeman Reservoir, 15 miles northeast of Craig, said BLM spokeswoman Lynn Barclay.

Limited Edition Smokejumper Print

by Lowell Hanson |

The print captures two smokejumpers descending on a jump spot near a forest fire in the mountains above famous Rock Creek, Montana.

P2V Neptune Air Tanker Crash

by Doug Houston |

A Neptune Aviation P2V airtanker, Tanker 42, crashed Saturday morning, yesterday, killing all 3 on board.

Smokejumper Beer now Available

by Doug Houston |

The Smokejumper Smoked Imperial Stout beer, brewed by the Lefthand Brewing company, is now available in stores across the U.S.

400 Attend Memorial for Tanker 09 Crew

by Chris Sorensen |

400 friends, family, co-workers and mourners gathered at the Neptune hangar in Missoula this past Saturday to remember the crew from Tanker 09 which was lost on September 1 near Reno.

Early Cooley in rehab

by Doug Houston |

Earl Cooley, pioneer smokejumper, now 97 years of age is currently in rehab at Village Health Center after a serious bout of flu and pneumonia.

Smokejumper Smoked Imperial Porter 2008 Rollout

by Bill Ruskin |

Expect the 2008 SSIP roll-out party (only one party this year) at the brewery sometime in late November or early December. SSIP will be available in many more states than it was in 2006

Earl Cooley Turns 97

by Doug Houston |

Earl Cooley turns a young 97 on September 26th

Neptune Tanker 09 Crashes

by Doug Houston |

Neptune Tanker 09 crashed shortly after takeoff from Stead in Nevada on Labor Day. A left engine fire started the eventual crash killing
Gene Wahlstrom, 61, pilot, Greg Gonsioroski, 41, co-pilot, and Zachary VanderGriend, 25, mechanic.

Air Force Rescue Supports Jumpers

by Andrew Butte |

Since the precedence was set using the Jolly(s), every active jumper might want to know what went
right and what could be done better.

Forest Service Jumpers Train on Ram-Airs

by Doug Houston |

Monday, 12 USFS smokejumpers started ram-air rookie training in Fairbanks. The jumpers are a representation from most of the FS bases.

New Alaska BLM Base Manager

by Doug Houston |

Bill Cramer has accepted the Alaska BLM Smokejumper Base Manager position.

Alaska jumpers train as spring breaks

by webmaster |

Thats not a bird, or a plane and, despite the appearance of the red and blue canopy flying through the sky, its not a superhero either. Its a smokejumper from the Alaska Fire Service on the first day of training.

Doctor made house calls by parachute

by CURT SYNNESS (Independent Record) |

More than 60 years ago, before helicopters were used for mountain and wilderness rescues, Helena's Dr. Amos "Bud" Little was making rescues from the sky.

'Tin Goose' to fly from Midland

by Stuart Frohm ( |

Paying passengers will have a chance in August to take off from Midland Barstow Airport on a 79-year-old "Tin Goose" airliner that transported smokejumpers. The Ford Tri-Motor, piloted by former Midlander and veteran airline pilot Cody Welch, is to be at the airport Aug. 18-20.

Flooding Victim Needs Help

by Doug Houston |

Daryl Christian, prior NCSB and Redmond jumper from the 70's/80's, was one of those whose home was caught in the flood causing excessive damage.

Russian smokejumpers

by Glenn Hodges (National Geographic Society) |

with more moxie than money, the world's first and largest aerial firefighting force snuffs wildfires across 11 time zones

Work rekindles firefighting tales

by Sam Taylor |

Project lets former smokejumpers reconnect while helping remodel Forest Service cabin

Ford Tri-Motor for Sale

by Norm Hill FBX 63 |

Want to own your own Frod Tri-Motor? One's for sale!

Watch Company Honors Montana Smokejumpers

by John Walden |

Bozeman Watch Co. chief executive Christopher Wardle presented Doug Houston, president of the National Smokejumper Association, with a check

Maclean Book Signing

by Kelly Andersson |

Maclean's book profiles the firefighters and details the chronology of the perfect set-up for a perfectly disastrous fire.

Scott Anderson (McC 84-03) diagnosed

by Doug Houston |

Scott Anderson, McCall 84-03, and currently working at BIFC, was diagnosed with leukemia in June.

Maclean, new Thirtymile blaze book

by John Walden |

"What startled me, and eventually entrapped me in the story, was the personalities of the four people who died," Maclean said

Redding Jumpers Get in Fast, Keep 'em Small

by webmaster |

As a lightning-ignited fire raged deep in the Sierra backcountry north of Truckee, Derek Kramer threw himself from a turbo-prop airplane at 1,500 feet and hurtled toward the ground.

Where memories still smoulder

by webmaster |

"We want to make sure there's a permanent record of what happened up there," Savage said.

Pat Wilson Retirement & National Award

by Doug Houston |

The award compliments Pat on his outstanding contributions in technical, safety and promotional parachute projects.

A leap of faith

by John Walden |

Former smokejumper spearheads effort to turn a closed base near Cave Junction into a museum honoring the airborne firefighters

Frenchtown Rural Fire District Hiring Students

by Chris Sorensen |

Frenchtown Rural Fire District is currently accepting applications from young men and women to participate in FF/EMT training program.

MORE Reunion 2007 information

by Steve Nemore (RAC 69) |

Lots of new downloadable information on the Reunion 2007 link from this website.

The Thirtymile fire burns on and on

by John Walden |

T his is the offseason for the nation's wildland firefighters, yet from Oregon to Montana to New Mexico there is a palpable fear and anxiety among the men and women responsible for quelling Western forest fires.

Forest Service veterans worry about precedent

by John Walden |

The possibility of being held personally liable for actions during wildland fires has loomed over firefighters ever since four local firefighters died in the Thirtymile Fire.

Engine 57 Memorial Web Site

by Chris Sorensen |

A memorial web site has been created to honor the 5 USFS Firefighters killed in the line of duty on the Esperanza Fire.

Jumping into wildfire season

by John Walden |

When fires first setup is when people like Lyndsey Lalicker get the call. Lalicker is a smokejumper working out of West Yellowstone.

Liability questions for firemen linger

by John Walden |

Firefighter Kenneth Jordan once hoped to lead one of the nation's elite teams of specialized wildfire and disaster incident managers. Not anymore.

NSA 2006 Trail Projects Underway

by Bill Ruskin |

Jon McBride, NSA trail maintenance program chief, announced today that the 2006 NSA Trail is well underway.

Final flight

by John Walden |

Freddie Miller jumped out of airplanes for four years of his life.

National Smokejumper Center, Phase 1

by John Walden |

The National Smokejumper Center (NSC) was "born" during a meeting at the USFS West Yellowstone Smokejumper Base on April 27, 2006.

Just In Time For Fire Season

by John Walden |

Evergreen International Aviation... reports the mammoth tanker is ready to fly

BIA regional director retiring

by John Walden |

Keith Beartusk's career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs has gone beyond his wildest expectations.

Lawmakers say dry winter, budget cuts fuel fire dangers

by John Walden |

As the parched Southwest braces for a record wildfire season, some lawmakers say they are worried that repeated cuts in the Forest Service budget have left it unprepared to fight forest fires.

'Hot Shots' ready for the fire season

by John Walden |

The mission of the Feather River Hot Shots is to serve the public by going to national disasters and wildfires

Half of Heavy Tankers Never Coming Back

by Chris Sorensen |

Federal officials say Arizona will have the necessary aerial resources to help battle a potentially huge fire season, despite the loss of half of their heavy airtanker fleet.

Early wildfire season expected

by John Walden |

Warm, dry and fire prone. That's the prediction weather scientists, foresters and fire officials are making for New Mexico in the coming months.

Grant Creek logging proposed for fuels reduction

by John Walden |

It's such a perfect example of what the Forest Service considers a bad situation that the agency has used it as a scenario in a national training course.

Forest Service meeting draws avid response

by John Walden |

Panelists Dale Bosworth, Chuck Keegan, Sherm Anderson and John Gatchell listen to Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., as he introduces a hearing on the Forest Service planning process Friday in Missoula.

Grants fuel fire safety funds

by John Walden |

State and federal agencies are giving away money to community groups trying to protect themselves from fire

Remembering Mann Gulch

by John Walden |

Robert Sallee seems a forthcoming yet reluctant celebrity of sorts.

Idaho company to maintain Mann Gulch Trail

by Idaho company wins contract to maintain Mann Gulch Trail |

Clearway Services of Whitebird won the contract for the Mann Gulch trail reconstruction and maintenance project

Triple Nickel to hold reunion

by webmaster |

In 1945, when the soldiers finally got their orders to head to the West Coast, they thought they would be going to fight against Japan in the Pacific. Instead, their train made a pit stop in the mountains of Oregon.

The 'Big Easy'

by Romie Deschamps MSO 61-64 |

My wife, Pat whom alot of MSO jumpers know, as a Nurse from St. Pats was deployed to Katrinia via a DMAT strike team.

Jackson MS Fire Department Requests Assistance

by Chris Sorensen |

Chief Farrar of the Jackson MS is requesting the following items for his Department. I can confirm that this is a legitimate request.

First Smokejumpers Deployed to Southeast

by Chris Sorensen |

According to this mornings Smokejumper Status Report, 3 Boise Smokejumpers have deployed to the Southeast for Hurricane Katrina relief eforts.

Shelters Deployed on Tarkio Fire

by Chris Sorensen |

3 Firefighters deployed fire shelters during a burnover on the Tarkio Fire west of Missoula Thursday Evenin

50-year celebration Next Week in Willows

by webmaster |

On August 13 at the Willows Airport, the Mendocino National Forest will host an anniversary day marking the 50th year of aerial firefighting.

Chasing Beetles in New York City

by webmaster |

The Asian longhorned beetle has once again been discovered in Central Park and smokejumpers are on the scene to lend a hand

Tanker Down on the Lassen NF

by Chris Sorensen-Associate |

An Aero Union P3 Orion Air Tanker was lost on the Lassen National Forest Wednesday evening during a training flight.

Former smokejumper leaps into retirement

by webmaster |

McChesney retired in January from a 35-year career battling fires for the Forest Service - a career that took him all over North America and gave him thousands of memories.

Jumpers to Russia

by Doug Houston |

His hopes are to find some of the older jumpers for interviews and research the aerial fire protection service gaining historical information on the Russian smokejumper program.

A change in Interagency Smokejumper Delivery System?

by webmaster |

an improved parachute system used by both agencies could decrease operational complexity without sacrificing current efficiencies and could produce economies of scale that would help reduce the cost of parachute procurement

HOA settles wildfire suit

by John Accola, Rocky Mountain News |

Group blamed for Sand Dunes blaze will pay $695,000

Cubin Survives Strong Challenge

by Chris Sorensen |

Rep. Barbara Cubin, R-Wyo., who drafted and is carrying the
Public Safety Officer Benenfit for Pilots in the House, won a sixth
term Tuesday.

Hawkins and Powers looks for financial Help

by Chris Sorensen |

The aerial firefighting company puts $32 million a year into the local economy. Its troubles have serious implications for the schools, services and the area at large.

NSA Historian Needed

by Chuck Sheley (Editor) |

Volunteer Historian needed to ensure NSA/Smokejumping history is accurately represented, maintained and preserved

Button Appointed To Lead Smokejumpers

by Doug Houston (NSA President) |

John Button, a smokejumper for 31 years, has been named manager of the North Cascades Smokejumper Base

One Dead In Copter Crash

by Doug Houston (NSA President) |

A pilot was killed when his helicopter crashed ferrying supplies to a remote fire in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Smoke jumper thrives on diving in

by Webmaster |

"My main goal in life was to become a smoke jumper, and once I became one, I had no desire to do anything else," says Longanecker

Wildfire nerve center tracks the hot spots

by webmaster |

"After a good lightning bust comes through, we'll get inundated with a couple of hundred (reports)," said Steve Arasim, the assistant emergency operations manager.

Alaska fires draw crews from across nation

by webmaster |

The Alaska Fire Service building at Fort Wainwright has become a crossroads for firefighting personnel who are rushing in from all over the state and country to help with the worst fire season in decades.

World War II-era smokejumpers passing on

by Webmaster |

"They are the World War II generation that we're losing thousands of by the day," former smokejumper Chuck Sheley said.

FSEER Suing Forest Service

by Chris Sorensen |

FSEER is suing the forest service over the names in the death investigation of the 2003 central Idaho wildfire

Mountain of memories

by webmaster |

Hundreds ascend Storm King in honor of fallen firefighters

Storm King and its legacy

by webmaster |

"We were supposed to save our own lives," he said. "Once we got here, we should have been able to save our own lives."

Government Contracting 100 Aircraft

by Chris Sorensen |

BLM Director Kathleen Clarke and Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth said yesterday that they couldn't justify using the old tankers because of safety risks.

6 facing USFS discipline in fatal Cramer fire

by Webmaster |

The U.S. Forest Service could suspend or dismiss six employees for their handling of the forest fire that killed two firefighters near Salmon last summer.

NTSB pinpoints airtanker crash cause

by Webmaster |

Federal regulators said Friday that inadequate maintenance of aging aircraft is to blame in three fatal firefighting accidents over the past decade

Linda Klakken Services

by Chris Sorensen |

Brenda Lee McFarland-Klakken, wife of Shane Klakken R-1 Leadplane pilot, passed away Thursday April 22, 2004, in Missoula after a year long battle with cancer.

USFS looking to diversify firefighting ranks

by Webmaster |

The U.S. Forest Service is trying to diversify its California firefighting ranks by recruiting job applicants from areas with ethnic populations.

NIFC Orders Fire Shelter Recall

by Chris Sorensen |

officials received an anonymous report of a shelter tearing near the shake handles.

Black paratroopers' enemy: forest fires

by Webmaster |

They prepared for a shooting war in Europe and the Pacific, but ended up waging a secret war against fires and bombs in the forests of the western United States.

Officials discuss wildfire prevention

by Webmaster |

A machine that turns leaves and other fire hazards into mulch is among fire-prevention strategies shown to federal officials visiting Florida.

Bush budget would boost fire funds

by Webmaster |

Funding for wildfire fighting would go up significantly under President Bushs budget plan, but the final total would still fall short of the actual money spent on fire suppression in recent years.

Report on fire deaths shows shift in attitude

by Webmaster |

Troyers words, welcomed by the families, represented a shift away from a time when the deaths of firefighters were considered unavoidable casualties, like soldiers killed in battle.

Nonprofit groups take up forestry

by webmaster |

As the U.S. Forest Service budget dwindles, nonprofit, community-based groups are stepping up to pick up the slack.

USFS Beech Baron Crashes in MSO

by Chris Sorensen |

A Forest Service Beech Baron crashed in Missoula Monday Night in pea soup fog.

130,000 Foot free fall

by Chris Sorensen |

SkyDiver Cheryl Stearns, is making plans for a 130,000 foot jump from the stratosphere.

The one that got away

by webmaster |

After 43 years as a firefighter's eye in the sky, Jim Haslip knows fire. Haslip spotted this year's Snowbank Fire and is convinced it never should have grown beyond a quarter-acre near Copper Creek.

Martha J.

by Chris Sorensen |

Her courage and perseverance over the past decade, despite the disabling effects of cancer, osteoporosis, and Parkinson's disease will remain an inspiration to all who were a part of her life.

Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief/AvWeek

by Bill Scott |

A minor update to Dennis Symes' note about Aviation Week's stories on aerial firefighting and smokejumpers

Aerial Firefighting Articles

by Denis Symes |

"I think we have to decide whether we really want to be in the aviation business, or whether we want to give that to somebody else," Hicks said. "To move into the future is going to cost a lot of money"

California Wildfires Test Airtanker Pilots

by Chris Sorensen |

Windshields on six tankers were cracked by the debris, and cockpits filled with smoke. Another pilot saw a 4-by-8 foot sheet of plywood sail past at 1,500 feet.

Forest Service retirees chide firefighting litigation

by chris sorensen |

the National Association of Forest Service Retirees on Tuesday lambasted a lawsuit filed against the agency by current employees who want an evaluation of the environmental and social effects of wildland firefighting.

Clearing bills

by chris sorensen |

the Northern Region spent $367 million fighting wildfires this past summer

FBI: al-Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot

by chris sorensen |

an al-Qaeda terrorist now in detention had talked of masterminding a plot to set a series of devastating forest fires around the western United States

Alleged Hazing of Rookie Firefighters

by webmaster |

An investigation by the Federal Bureau of Land Management found evidence of hazing and sexual harassment of rookie firefighters during training.

Firefighting policy defended

by Chris Sorensen |

The whole point of the Healthy Forests Initiative and the National Fire
Plan is to get out of the fire suppression business...

Group to sue over firefighting

by webmaster |

Forest Service should study environmental, social effects, employees' association says

Pilots In Fatal Crash Identified

by webmaster |

Pilot Carl Dolbeare, 54, and co-pilot John Attardo, 51, were flying the tanker owned by Minden Air Corp out of Nevada.

Two killed in air tanker crash

by webmaster |

Minden-based firefighting air tanker crashed Friday in Southern California, killing its crew of two as they returned from a fire in Arizona, officials said.

2 dead as air tanker crashes in California

by webmaster |

A firefighting air tanker crashed Friday in the San Bernardino National Forest, bursting into flames and killing both people aboard, authorities said.

The Heat That Hides

by webmaster |

Nate Bashkirew dug his fingers beneath a clump of beargrass, looking for the heat that hides from firefighters after the flames subside.

Jumping into danger, side by side

by webmaster |

Mara and Tory Kendrick were competitive cross-country skiers who could not get enough of the cold stuff. Now they cannot keep away from the heat.

Firefighters didnt know they were in danger

by webmaster |

Allen and Heath did not know that the Cramer Fire would soon overtake them, racing uphill through the dry grasses of the steep slope.

Out of the classroom, into adventure

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

California elementary school teacher and NSA member Tom Dwyer's summer job as a Smokejumper is highlighted.

Montana Aviation Pioneer Al Gillis Passes

by Chris Sorensen |

Just four months short of 100 years old, Albert F. "Al" Gillis, well-known aviation pioneer, passed away in his sleep early Saturday morning, Aug. 2, 2003.

Kenny Roth Article in the Missoulian

by Chris Sorensen |

Kenny Roth had just taken off from a backcountry ranger station when all three engines of his Ford Tri-Motor failed. A few hundred feet above the ground, there was little Roth could do but try to land in the trees.

Initial Report on Cramer Fire Fatalities

by Chris Sorensen |

The crews walked to the Cache Bar boat ramp. Shortly thereafter, the rappellers called for a helicopter to pick them up, saying that it was becoming very smoky.

Names of Cramer Fire fallen released

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

They are Jeff Allen, 24 of Salmon, Idaho and Shane Heath, 22, of Idahos Treasure Valley.

Cramer Fire Fatalities Initial Briefing

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Two firefighters were killed yesterday when they were trapped by fast moving fire on the Cramer Fire.

Pilot deaths led to changes

by webmaster |

The death of five air tanker pilots in 2002 prompted the federal governments creation of a blue-ribbon panel to study its aerial fire-fighting business.

Region 5 preparing to advertise positions

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

The Region 5 Smokejumper Unit located at the Northern California Service Center (NCSC) in Redding is currently preparing to advertise a GS-8 Smokejumper Captain/Spotter position and a GS-6 Senior Smokejumper position.

Rain soaks Arizona wildfire

by Associated Press |

Rain soaked parts of a mountain wildfire for the first time since the blaze broke out nearly a month ago and destroyed more than 300 homes and cabins, helping firefighters who are trying to keep it from growing.

Older smokejumpers live for more than pay

by Jeff Barnard (AP) |

"It's kind of a cul-de-sac career. Once you get to a certain point, there's not a lot of movement," said Atteberry. "But it's addictive when you have the winter off and all you think about is coming back and doing it some more. I guess there are greater rewards than money."

Training focus of Smokejumper story

by Ed Kemmick |

With more than 200 jumps under his belt, he wasn't worried about the parachuting part. It was the idea of getting out of the lake that he didn't like.

Congress Approves Fire Funds

by chris |

The Senate voted Friday to approve $314 million in emergency firefighting spending.

FBI memo: National forests al-Qaida target

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

The unidentified detainee said he hoped to create several large, catastrophic wildfires at once, mimicking the destructive fires that swept across Australia in 2002

Farewell Creek fire concerns officials

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Fire managers consider it one of the two most troublesome fires in the nation, along with the Aspen fire in Arizona

Drop in humidity calms Aspen

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

A drop in humidity calmed a wildfire burning a half-mile from an exclusive desert enclave Monday, greatly reducing the danger to dozens of houses, officials said.

Weather threatens Encebado fire efforts

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Crews battling to protect Taos Pueblo and the tribe's watershed from a fire that has burned 3,000 acres near the ancient Indian village expect no help from the weather today.

More structures fall to Aspen fire

by Jon Robinson |

A windblown wildfire that already has destroyed more than 300 mountaintop homes pushed into a previously untouched subdivision, burning five cabins and threatening 60 others, a fire official said Saturday.

Wind, drought fuel western wildfires

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Record drought continues to cover much of the central west. High winds are expected at the sight of two of the regions hotspots.

Volunteer fire chief killed in rollover

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

A Cotton City, New Mexico, fire chief was killed Thursday evening when a tanker truck he was driving overturned and fell down a canyon.

NM fires look to be arson

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Three teenagers were booked on arson charges Friday for allegedly setting at least one of two wildfires that forced people to evacuate homes along the Rio Grande just north of downtown.

Firefighters making headway on Aspen

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

With the tally at about 350 homes, firefighters are beginning to have success holding lines of protection for remaining structures SE of the besieged town of Summerhaven.

Aspen fire tops 12,000 acres

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

the Aspen fire had dramatically grown to over 12,400 acres while approximately 900 firefighters have joined the fight.

Aspen fire (AZ) tops 6,300 acres

by Jon Robinson |

It is expected to be weeks before the estimated 1,000 or so firefighters that are now converging on the blaze will have a chance to get a handle on it.

Arizona BIA Firefighter Succumbs to Burn Injuries

by Chris Sorensen |

BIA Firefighter Rick Lupe 42, died Thursday at the Arizona Burn Center. Rick received burns over 33% of his body during a prescribed burn on Sawtooth Mountain in Arizona on May 14th.

Arizona wildfire burns Summerhaven

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

The town of Summerhaven, AZ lost from 200 to 250 homes yesterday and according to fire officials it's far from over.

Governors letter supports Bush bill

by Jon Robinson |

The Governors of four western states signed a letter of endorsement in support of much of President Bushes Healthy Forests Initiative Wednesday.

Western governors meet to discuss wildland fire & forest health

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Montana Gov. Judy Martz, chairman of the Western Governors Association, has called the governors of five western states (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Arizona) to Missoula, Montana for a three day summit to discuss wildland fire issues and forest health.

CNN presents Summer of Fire

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

CNN presents a look at wildland firefighting this Sunday!

Four Large Blazes Open Fire Season

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Four large fires were reported today by the National Interagency Fire Center.

Roadless Conservation Act Introduced in Congress

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

If passed into law, the measure will codify the Clinton era Roadless Area Conservation Rule, which protects 58.5 million acres of roadless areas in National Forests from road construction and most logging.

Rapid City to get air tanker again

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

"The mindset in the past was that if you have a tanker base, you'll get your airplane," Davis said in a phone interview Monday. "This year, we've assigned tankers to a tanker base just as a place to start."

Rules give agencies shortcuts on forests

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

The changes will limit the procedural footholds forest activists have used to block what they contend are ill-advised logging projects billed as reducing fire danger.

Neptune Tanker 09 On Contract

by Chris Sorensen |

P2V Neptune Tanker 09 is carded and on contract in Missoula awaiting assignment by the NIFC.

Governor declares wildfire emergency

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Gov. Janet Napolitano signed an emergency proclamation last Thursday that seeks federal money to combat Arizonas extreme wildfire danger.

Utah Forests, Rangelands Are in Prime Fire Danger

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

And because land managers traditionally suppressed fires for years, that forest and others like it are packed with dry, highly flammable undergrowth

Fires: Season will be bad one (CA)

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Along with lush grass everywhere, the CDF is confronting a million-dollar cut in state funding. One casualty: 22 fire lookout towers are closed.

Hawkins and Powers Memorial Dedication June 14

by Chris Sorensen |

The Greybull Tanker Base and Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Inc. would like for you to join us for a Memorial Dedication in honor of Tanker 130 and Tanker 123 crew members, Steve Wass, Craig LaBare, Mike Davis, Ricky Schwartz, and Milt Stollak.

Shelters Deployed in Arizona

by Chris Sorensen |

3 firefighters deployed shelters on the A Bar Fire near Sierra Vista AZ on Wedneday.

Colorado fire season looks to be mild

by Jon Robinson (Webmaster) |

The upcoming Colorado fire season looks to be relatively mild due to a fair amount of precipitation so far this year.

Environmentalists say they may sue over fire retardant practices

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

An environmental group has warned the U.S. Forest Service that it intends to sue unless the agency comes into compliance with environmental laws covering the use of fire retardant while fighting wildfires.

Wildfire bill stirs local opposition

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

The Healthy Forest Restoration Act, whose drafters say is aimed at stemming the destruction caused by wildfires, is winning support in Washington D.C. But Eagle County's congressman, Boulder Democrat Mark Udall, says it leaves homeowners vulnerable and "unnecessarily guts important environmental laws."

Wildfire Debate Sweeps Through Congress

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

The House Resources Committee approved a wildfire plan today that supporters say will return forest management to people who know the forests and reduce the threat of wildfires

Fire Experts Expect Dry Season

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

FAIRBANKS -- Alaska fire officials are worried that wildland fire season could come early to the Interior unless nature cooperates with a healthy dumping of snow or rain in the coming month.

Wyoming Firefighter Will Get Day in Court

by Chris Sorensen |

In a case that is becoming all too familar in the West, a Wyoming Firefighter is going to court over his right to free speech.

Plumb Creek Timber wont pay for 2000 Fires

by Chris Sorensen |

"Plum Creek Timber Co. "respectfully declines" to take any responsibility for two wildfires ignited by loggers on its timberland at Lolo Pass during the summer of 2000 - or for the $11 million the U.S. Forest Service spent fighting those fires after they spread onto national forest land. In letters to the Clearwater National Forest, an attorney for Plum Creek pointed the finger at the independent contractors hired to log two tracts of company-owned forestland."

Colorado Gearing up for Busy Fire Season

by Chris Sorensen |

The State of Colorado has contracted for a total of 5 single engine 800 gallon Air Tankers this year and has purchased 10 additional Engines to be positioned around the state.

Neptune Aviation article 4/13/03

by Chris Sorensen |

The Missoulian ran an interesting article on Neptune Aviation on Sunday April 13.

NYC FD Creates National Type 1 Incident Mangement Team

by Chris Sorensen |

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) and the Forest Service have established a training program in incident command management for New York City firefighters to better respond to terrorist incidents and natural disasters.

Montana leads Shuttle Recovery Deployment

by Chris Sorensen |

1024 firefighers from Montana have been deployed to East Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas to search for Space Shuttle debris.