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Good Samaritan Fund

Most everyone knows the story of the Good Samaritan... the story told in Luke 10:30-37. It tells of a man who fell on hard times and was in need of help. In the story it was a case of the man being robbed and beaten and left for dead. Several passed by on the road where he was laying and offered no help. Finally, one did stop and offer the help needed.

Hard times can be the lot of any of us... often for no reason or fault of our own. Whenever and wherever it happens the victim needs someone who will stop and lend a hand... someone who will take the time and make the effort and show the compassion of a 'Good Samaritan'.

The NSA Board of Directors took action to be proactive in the Good Samaritan role and to extend that opportunity to our entire NSA membership. A 'Good Samaritan Fund' line item was added to the NSA budget.

Your Participation

Your participation in support of the 'Good Samaritan Fund' is encouraged through a gift given as a memorial and/or in honor of another person or event. For example, a gift might be given in lieu of flowers at a funeral, in recognition of an anniversary, in honor of a friend, in recognition of a retirement, etc. Your gifts are also encouraged as you become aware of one of our smokejumper families that stand in special need. Gifts given to the NSA's 'Good Samaritan Fund' are tax deductible.

Make a Request

Those who find themselves in special need may make a request for assistance through the NSA's 'Good Samaritan Fund' by contacting us.

Annually everyone who has made a contribution to the NSA's 'Good Samaritan Fund' will be recognized in the Smokejumper Magazine.