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Smokejumper Has Sheridan Roots

by Ron Richter "Sheridan" |

The eight-person team of smokejumpers from West Yellowstone who were brought in to help fight the Sheep Creek Fire in the Bighorn Mountains west of Dayton have moved on to fight the next fire. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter sat down with one of the smokejumpers who grew up in Sheridan.

Sam Cox The Smokejumper

by Drew Petersen-Powder Magazine |

Montana Skier Fights Fires

Alaska Smokejumpers

by Emily Schwing KUAC Fairbanks |

Jumpers Ready For Big Season

Fire Season Slows

by Chuck Sheley |

Project Work Sets In

Jon Ueland to Retire

by Chuck Sheley |

West Yellowstone Base Manager Moves On

Follow Dwight Chambers

by Chuck Sheley |

Send encouragement to fellow jumper and family.

2013 NSA Scholarship

by Webmaster |


The NSA would like your feedback

by webmaster |

Your participation will help insure that any work we do to will be in line with serving your needs and interests.

Walt Wasser Retires

by Leo Cromwell (IDC-66) |

After 395 fire jumps and 834 total jumps with the USFS/BLM,Wally Wasser retires at age 57!

Visit our new Bargain Bin

by webmaster |

Visit the NSA Store's new Bargain Bin for great deals!

Robert Howard Information

by Marvin Miller |

I'm sure that Bob could use some words of encouragement from any past and present jumpers who would like to send him a card or letter.

Jedidiah Lusk Passes Away

by Chuck Sheley |

Jedidiah Lusk died last night (Jan. 3) after a 10-month battle with cancer.

Gallery down for a few weeks

by webmaster |

The Image Gallery will be down into January until I can get time for a full upgrade.

Image Gallery Down

by webmaster |

The Image Gallery is down through the weekend for maintenance.

Yensen Transferred to Rehab

by Chuck Sheley |

Bill Yensen has been transferred to a rehabilitation center this morning.

Smokejumper To Be Honored

by Chuck Sheley |

the California Professional Firefighters organization will add two Regional-5 smokejumpers names to the memorial wall honoring those who died in the line of duty in 1970

Yensen Update

by Chuck Sheley |

Bill is still hospitalized at St Lukes (downtown) in Boise. Bill is improving and was moved from ICU to a regular roo

Yensen Update

by Chuck Sheley |

Bill Yensen is still in St. Lukes hospital (downtown) but has been moved back to the CCU (Critical Care Unit).

Updates On Jedidiah Lusk

by Chuck Sheley |

Cynthia Lusk reminded me that her daughter posts updates on Jedidiah.

Yensen Update

by Chuck Sheley |

I just got off the phone with Bill's wife, Arlene, and here is the update of Bill's battle with the Staph Infection.

Bill Yensen In Hospital

by Chuck Sheley |

The doctors have described his condition as a very severe Staph Infection through-out his body.

Jon McBride Update

by Chuck Sheley |

Jons obituary will follow, but this is an early alert regarding his memorial service.

Gallery back up

by webmaster |

Got gallery back up. Will need to see if it

Image Gallery update

by Webmaster |

I'm hoping to upgrade our gallery script and solve our issue before the reunion

Image Gallery Down

by Webmaster |

Hosting problems have the image gallery down

Jon McBride Dies

by Chuck Sheley |

Roger Savage called from Missoula and informed me that Jon McBride (MSO-54) died this afternoon while on a bike ride with the Missoula group.

Mark Kroger In Boise Hospital

by Chuck Sheley |

Leo Cromwell (IDC-66) passed along information that Mark Kroger (RDD-73) is in St.

Frank Solf

by Bill Woolworth |

Dr. Frank Solf, MSO and GAC during the late 60s and early 70s has myelofibrosis, a bone marrow disease.

Hal Ewing Passes Away

by Chuck Sheley |

Wes Brown (CJ-66) passed along the sad news that long time smokejumper pilot Hal Ewing passed away March 8, 2010

Hal Ewing Having Medical Problems

by Chuck Sheley |

Wes Brown (CJ-66) told us that long-time smokejumper pilot, Hal Ewing, has had some very serious surgeries with more coming up.

How To Help The Lusk Family

by Chuck Sheley |

Tara Rothwell (RAC-92) will be our link to the Lusk's and will advise us on how a donation from the NSA Good Sam Fund can best be used.

Lusk Family In Time of Need

by chuck sheley |

Cynthia Lusk (RAC-87) called me today after her son (Jedidiah their youngest) had been flown to UC Davis. He's been diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor.

NSA Trail Maintenance Report 2009

by Bill Ruskin |

The report covers Projects, Funding, Tools, Scholarships and the activities of the Advisory Council.

Timothy Dalton. Taylor Sr.

by Timothy D. Taylor Jr. |

Wish to inform all who knew my father, he passed on October 3rd 2009.

Harry Roberts (MSO-53) Ill

by chuck sheley |

Bill Murphy (MSO-56) reports that Harry Roberts went to the hospital for lung problems in November.

Current Postings on NSA Trail Blogs

by Bill Ruskin |

New postings are available on the NSA Trail Maintenance Resource blog and the NSA Colorado Projects blog

Earl Cooley Memorial Nov. 16th

by chuck sheley |

A memorial service for Earl Cooley (MSO-40) will be at 10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 16, at the Sunset Funeral Home. A family burial will take place at 2 p.m. Monday, at the Corvallis Cemetery.

Senior's project gets boost from Smokejumpers

by webmaster |

So when Kelsey had a project to make an informational poster for one of her design classes, she thought it would be great to make the poster about smoke jumpers, to educate her peers about the men and women who jump from planes into raging forest fire.

Clayton Berg (MSO-52) Memorial

by Chuck Sheley |

There will be a celebration of the life of Clayton Berg (MSO-52) Saturday, Oct. 24, at the Valley Nursery in Helena at 2:00 P.M.

Memorial Service for Ed Weissenback

by chuck sheley |

Upcoming on Friday, September 11, 2009, a short memorial service will be held at the Eagle Point, Oregon, National Cemetery for Ed Weissenback (CJ-64). The service is scheduled at 11:00 a.m.

Charley Moseley in Seton Medical Center

by John Moseley (Charley's son) |

Charley had an episode with his heart this week and got a helicopter ride from Bastrop to Austin, TX.

Gary Welch (CJ '60) Takes On Leukemia

by webmaster |

Charley Moseley tells us Gary Welch's Leukemia has returned and he has chosen to go into an experimental drug regime

Tree Climbing Underway in Massachusetts

by Chris Sorensen |

Two dozen U.S. Forest Service smokejumpers from seven western bases will climb trees in Worcester for the next two months, looking for infestations of the Asian longhorned beetle.

Reunion at Redmond: September 19, 20 and 21st

by Charley Moseley |

It is being held... at the very beautiful Eagle Crest Lodge about five miles west of Redmond. Please hail past and current jumpersand their friends.

Plankowner's Surving Wife Needs Your Help

by Wes Langley |

This is a call to action to smokejumpers all over the country who have an opportunity to be of some assistance to this very special lady and surviving wife of a famous early smokejumper.

In Memory of Dr. W. Thomas McGrath

by webmaster |

Tom, who died March 9, was a Missoula jumper in 1957, 1958, 1960, 1975-1979, 1981-1983 and 1985. He was a forestry professor at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Richard Widmark Dies

by Chris Sorensen |

Richard Widmark Died Monday at this home on Roxbury Conecticut at age 93

Membership Store Back in Business

by webmaster |

The Membership Store is back in business and ready to take your new applications and membership and renewals alike.

Smokejumper Survives When Both Chutes Fail

by Bob Garrard McCall (MYC 1949) |

"Bob, pull your emergency chute", I heard myself mumble.When I did, it tried to open,then proceeded to wrap around the main chute.

Smokejumper's "Bucket List"

by Bill Ruskin |

Have you ever wanted to hike the Bob from North to South? Led by Mike Overby, MSO'67 several NSA trail crew volunteers are planing to do this prior to meeting up with an NSA trail crew in July.

Membership Store still down

by webmaster |

Membership Store still experiencing problems at the start of March '08

Evergreen Aviation Museum Spokejumper Display

by Doug Houston |

Tommy Albert, old CJ smokejumper and smokejumper pilot, has added a really well done model of the jumper dumper airplane, the twin beech, to the smokejumper display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

Indian Meadows Guard Station

by Jon McBride |

This article appeared in the latest NSA Trail Maintenance Newsletter which was just released.

Sign Up Begins for 2008 NSA Trail Maintenance Program

by Bill Ruskin |

If you are a member of the NSA and interested in getting back in the woods with a group of fellow smokejumpers working on trail or restoration projects in the national forests, please complete the form by March 15

An open letter from Darryl Christian

by Darryl Christian (NCSB '74) |

There is a bond between smokejumpers, that is not always achieved in many of our jobs and careers that we may have had after our unique experiences of being a "smokejumper". Once you are a smokejumper, you are always a part of that family.

Geof Hochmuht's Retirement Party

by webmaster |

Three things from 1950 that no longer have to work:
1.The 1950 Lincoln Continental
2.Post war advertising
3.Geof Hochmuht!

Rescue Dawn - A big disappointment

by Denny Breslin |

But after reading the critical comments from Gene DeBruin's family and the account from Phisit, it is clear that Mr. Herzog went beyond the bounds of "literary license" into what amounts to mean fiction.

New Merchandiser for NSA

by Doug Houston |

Stan Linnertz has taken over as the NSA Board Director in charge of Merchandising and is working closely with KASMAR

Help Scott Anderson

by chuck sheley |

At this time (Sept. 2007), Scott has been hospitalized in Boise for over nine weeks and has undergone four rounds of chemotherapy.

by Stevan Smith |

After seeing "Rescue Dawn" I learned that it is a good movie for people who do not know the real story.

Family, Friends of Gene DeBruin Critical of Herzog Film

by Jerry DeBruin (Associate) |

The movie is vaguely based on the book Escape From Laos, written by Dieter Dengler. However, the movie takes liberties that are offensive to anyone who is familiar with the events..

Boise Reunion will raffle Items

by Doug Houston |

The Boise Reunion will have a silent auction on Friday and a raffle of a New Sako Rifle & Original Ken Perkins SJ Art ending Saturday.

Idaho City Tour (Reunion)

by Francis Mohr |

bus up/from Idaho City (39 miles from Boise) to the old Jumper Base, tour of Historic Buildings, Lunch in the Park, a demo jump from the McCall Base where we all trained, and music/refreshments on the lawn/house of Kenn Smith

Max Glaves (MYC-47) Surgery

by chuck sheley |

Max Glaves' family wants to the smokejumper community to know that Max is recovering from artery surgery

Reunion2007---UPDATE as of 3/14/2007

by webmaster |

Reunion Registrations are arriving and we have determined a trend: A hearty interest in having Group Activities on Friday June 8

Redding Smokejumpers Turn 50

by webmaster |

The Redding Smokejumper Base will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on May 19th 2007.

Bozeman Watch Sale

by Doug Houston |

This a correction to the article written December ll.

Left Hand Brewing Funds Art Jukkala Scholarship Fund

by Bill Ruskin |

Chris Lennert, Director of Sales and Marketing for Left Hand Brewing presented Stan Linnertz (MSO '61) with a check for $800 for the Art Jukkala Scholarship Program.

Left Hand Brewing Co. Introduces Smokejumper Porter

by webmaster |

Three separate events in Colorado are planned for the release, all with proceeds going directly to a scholarship fund for children of Smokejumpers killed in action.

NSA Trail Maintenance Report 2006

by Bill Ruskin |

The report to the NSA Board of Directors on October 7, at their annual meeting in Wenatchee, WA.

Bozeman Watch Co. Auctions SmokeJumper Chronograph for NSA Fundraiser

by John Tarver Bailey - Bozeman Watch Co. |

We at the Bozeman Watch Company are proud to be able to help the efforts of the smokejumpers around the country, and have donated upwards of US$2,000 to the NSA through sales of our SmokeJumper Chronograph

Hero saves 2, honored

by Kate Ramsayer ( |

"My first thought was to save myself, but after I did there was no question" about going back to save the others, he said.

Benefit Auction for Finn Ward

by webmaster |

A Benefit Auction for Finn Ward will be held on September 16 at the Traveler's Rest Country Store in Montana.

Help Needed-Finn Ward Fund

by webmaster |

Finn Ward is the son of Edmund Ward, current Missoula Smokejumper Base Manager, and Pam Ward. ...Finns medical expenses have exceeded $100,000 above what the insurance has covered to date.

NSA Project Descriptions for 2006

by Bill Ruskin |

Jon Mcbride, NSA trail boss released detailed descriptions of trail and releated maintenance projects for 2006 today.

Saw Certification Set for June 22

by webmaster |

Good news for any NSA volunteer that would like to get crosscut saw certified and volunteer for an NSA trail maintenance project at the same time

Friends of Tim DeJong

by Betty Violette |

The family of Tom De Jong will host a memorial July 21, 2006 in the Wilma Bldg. basement meeting room 4-7 pm.

March 4th Board Meeting

by Chuck Sheley |


Smokejumpers and Antarctica

by Michael Hill (WYS 95) |

What connections do smokejumpers have with Antarctica? I once asked myself and now having spent a season down on the "Ice" Ive discovered just what the link is.

Merry Christmas

by Doug Houston, President, NSA |

With another year coming to a close, it has been a good one for the National Smokejumper Association.

John Berry (RAC-70) retired

by webmaster |

John Berry (RAC-70) retired January 3, 2006 from the Eldorado National Forest. John was Forest Supervisor from July 1999 till his retirement.

The New NSA Store is Here

by webmaster |

Our former store is now converted to the Membership Store, where you can renew your existing membership, or become a new member just as you have before.

Last Days of Store!

by webmaster |

The last days of the Store are passing quickly. Don't miss the bargans on the last few remaining products!

All Books $9.95!

by webmaster |

All remaining Books are now just $9.95!

Limited time NSA Store closeout

by webmaster |

Time is running out on the NSA's online store closeout pricing! All remaining Caps and T-Shirts just $9.95!

NSA Forum Down for a few days

by webmaster |

The NSA's forum will be down for a few days while we make updates to our software.

Heat Seeking Human Missiles

by Doug Houston |

In a quest to find the "toughest tongue in town," a smokejumper outlasted a Klingon and a roller derby queen to take home the crown

Curt McChesney's Retirement

by Doug Houston |

Curt was a longtime Missoula smokejumper who has been the FMO at the West Fork District, Bitterroot National Forest, for the past several years.

More Mike McMillan!

by Webmaster |

Mike McMillian has added a whole new album to his ever-popular photo gallery!

NSA Merchandise Manager wanted!!

by Webmaster |

A significant portion of NSA funding for important programs such as reunions, membership services, and museum displays comes from the sale of NSA merchandise.

Image Gallery Restored

by webmaster |

After several months absence, the popular image gallery is now restored.

Fire Jumps Leader

by Doug Houston (NSA President) |

It was Dale's 300th fire jump and Mark's 299th. That is an amazing amount of experience and jumps on one fire. going off-line

by Webmaster |

Beginning Thursday evening June 10th around 7pm, will be off-line for an indeterminate length of time as we adjust to hosting changes

Missing the 2004 Reunion

by Leo Cromwell |

With deep regrets, Smokey Stover will miss this year's reunion in Missoula.

Reunion: Long lines mean less!

by Chuck Wildes |

Less Beer, BBQ and BS that is!register early for Reunion 2004! Don't be caught standing in line while the others are festificating!

Many Join 2004 Reunion Effort

by Webmaster |

Vendors, Sponsors, and Cooperators are stepping forward asking for a piece of the reunion action in Missoula, June 18,19,20,2004.

Fire photo contest

by Karen Mora |

Fire Management Today is seeking entries for its annual fire photo contest.

Nemore Retirement Party

by Eric Hipke |

Friday, March 19th and Saturday March 20th. RSVP by March 10th!

Cramer Fire Report released

by Chris Sorensen |

The final Forest Service report on the fatal Cramer Fire in Idaho is available

Foreign Parachute Opportunity

by Ron Stoleson |

A man called me today who is planning to participate in a voluntary medical mission in Guyana.

Reunion 2004 Information is Here!

by webmaster |

As promised, the NSAs Reunion 2004 information is here and we have posted it to the Reunion 2004 section!

KIA Plaque Dedication at NCSB

by Ron Stoleson |

An NSA produced plaque showing smokejumpers killed in action will be dedicated at NCSB, Friday, Sept. 26th at 1100.

NSA announces Reunion 2004!

by webmaster |

Mark June 18-20, 2004 on your calendar now for what promises to be a most exciting and memorable reunion.

Montana Aviation Pioneer Al Gillis Passes

by Chris Sorensen |

Just four months short of 100 years old, Albert F. "Al" Gillis, well-known aviation pioneer, passed away in his sleep early Saturday morning, Aug. 2, 2003.

Kenny Roth Article in the Missoulian

by Chris Sorensen |

Kenny Roth had just taken off from a backcountry ranger station when all three engines of his Ford Tri-Motor failed. A few hundred feet above the ground, there was little Roth could do but try to land in the trees. to narrow scope of news delivery

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

After experimenting with delivering general wildland fire news, will be narrowing the scope of staff news-posting activities.

Region 5 preparing to advertise positions

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

The Region 5 Smokejumper Unit located at the Northern California Service Center (NCSC) in Redding is currently preparing to advertise a GS-8 Smokejumper Captain/Spotter position and a GS-6 Senior Smokejumper position.

Older smokejumpers live for more than pay

by Jeff Barnard (AP) |

"It's kind of a cul-de-sac career. Once you get to a certain point, there's not a lot of movement," said Atteberry. "But it's addictive when you have the winter off and all you think about is coming back and doing it some more. I guess there are greater rewards than money."

Training focus of Smokejumper story

by Ed Kemmick |

With more than 200 jumps under his belt, he wasn't worried about the parachuting part. It was the idea of getting out of the lake that he didn't like. launches image gallery

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |, the NSA's online web presence, announces the addition of a gallery of images to their many features.

Arizona BIA Firefighter Succumbs to Burn Injuries

by Chris Sorensen |

BIA Firefighter Rick Lupe 42, died Thursday at the Arizona Burn Center. Rick received burns over 33% of his body during a prescribed burn on Sawtooth Mountain in Arizona on May 14th.

NSA To Dedicate Memorial at NIFC Wednesday June 18

by Chris Sorensen |

The National Smokejumper Association (NSA) will honor 30 smokejumpers killed in the line of duty with a ceremony tomorrow at the Wildland Firefighters Monument at NIFC at 2 p.m.

CNN presents Summer of Fire

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

CNN presents a look at wildland firefighting this Sunday!

Governor declares wildfire emergency

by Jon Robinson (webmaster) |

Gov. Janet Napolitano signed an emergency proclamation last Thursday that seeks federal money to combat Arizonas extreme wildfire danger.

Hawkins and Powers Memorial Dedication June 14

by Chris Sorensen |

The Greybull Tanker Base and Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Inc. would like for you to join us for a Memorial Dedication in honor of Tanker 130 and Tanker 123 crew members, Steve Wass, Craig LaBare, Mike Davis, Ricky Schwartz, and Milt Stollak.

Oklahoma Get Together

by Michael Ahern |

On the 22 and 23 of March this year Charley Moseley (CJ-62) hosted a gathering of the Oklahoma Smokejumpers at the Lake Eufaula State Park in Oklahoma.

Final Flight for Pilot Bob Schlaefli

by Ron Stoleson |

On January 16, 2003, Robert Quillan purchased an NSA life membership for pilot Robert Schlaefli on behalf of "the boys in Alaska".

In March, I received a copy of a letter Mrs. Schlaefli sent to the "Boys from Alaska" letting them know that Bob (Slaf) made his final flight on February 24.

NSA Solicits Information, Photos to Honor KIA Jumpers

by Carl Gidlund |

The National Smokejumper Association has initiated a program to honor the 30 Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management smokejumpers who have been killed in the line of duty, but it needs your help in the form of information and photos.

Higgins Ridge Fire

by gary shaw |

Description of an incredibly hot fire that went from 2 acres to 1280 in two hours on the NezPerce National Forest in Idaho.

Idaho Fire Stories Wanted

by Carl Gidlund |

The University of Idaho Press is seeking fire stories with a tie to Idaho.

NSA Designing Plaque For KIA Jumpers

by Carl Gidlund |

The NSA needs personal information on smokejumpers killed in the line of duty. Donations also are being accepted for memorial plaques.

Political Scapegoats?

by Roy E. Skelton and Terence L. McCabe |

Two veteran fire managers speak out about the Thirtymile Fire

NSA To Trademark Logo

by Dan McComb |

NSA retains firm to secure trademark to official NSA logo for $1,075

Dee Dutton dies

by Larry Lufkin |

Former Cave Junction base manager dies

NSA e-mail no longer functional

by Dan McComb |

If you have an NSA email account, you'll notice it's no longer functional. The software powering it finally gave up. If you depend on this account, here are some alternatives:

Average NSA membership up to 4.3 years

by Dan McComb |

The average NSA membership has risen to 4.3 years; annual merchandise sales for 2001 totalled $11,000, and the next national reunion will be in Missoula on June 18,19 and 20, 2004.

An interview with John Maclean

by Charlie Palmer |

No writer ever put ink to paper quite like Norman Maclean. Charlie Palmer interviews his son, Jon, to discover what he was like.

Fallen Friend

by Mike McMillan |

Mike McMillan remembers Dave Liston's last jump