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Here's What We've Been Up To

by Jack Demmons (MSO 1950) |

We filed our Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit, public interest corporation on Sept. 24, 1992. Since then, we've had to revise those articles and bylaws in order to make them more compatible with the purposes of the association. We've sent our bylaws to all Jumper units and Directors, so that they can review and revise them if needed, so as to ensure that they are satisfactory to everyone.

Our association's governing body is a Board of Directors comprising representatives of all Smokejumper units in the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service. The number of Directors per base is determined by its size.

Board members have jurisdiction over an Executive Committee, that's made up of a president, viceĀ­ president, secretary and treasurer. Its headquarters are in Missoula.

Executive Committee members will be responsible for memberships, newsletters, and the collecting and cataloging of historical photos, stories, and artifacts. Also, support projects that have been approved by the Board of Directors, and general administrative tasks, such as the planning for reunions.

With the approval of all Base managers, we've selected the following temporary Directors who will hold office until an election during the 1995 reunion. (See attached listing of Board of Directors, Base managers, and Executive Committee.)