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Grants Pass Daily Courier Publishes Series on Biscuit Fire

by Chuck Mansfield |

The Grants Pass Daily Courier published a series of 7 articles on the Biscuit Fire on July 14, 15, 16, 17.

These articles explore a broad spectrum of issues ranging from initial response to recovery efforts. Smokejumpers Wes Brown (CJ-66), Mark Corbet (RDD) and Chuck Mansfield (CJ-59) were quoted at length in several of the articles.

Wes Brown
(July 14) - "....For pete's sake, a 20-year budget for a Smokejumper Base pales in comparison to the suppression costs that could have been saved....."

Mark Corbet
(14 July) - "....There's never been a time in my 30 years of jumping that no Smokejumpers were available..."

Chuck Mansfield
(14 July) - "....If we didnít have people on the ground within an hour, a fire would probably not be contained by 10-AM the following day...."

(15 July) - (In reference to his book on the Biscuit Fire.) "A (return to a) local balanced ecology is the key to Biscuit recovery."

(17 July) - Chuck and Dave Mansfield spent several days in the fire area in early July. Chuck commented "We'd never seen woodpeckers in there (Gold Basin). They are loving all the bark beetles."

Six of the articles were written by Jeff Duewel (jduewel@the and an article on the McCalb Scout Ranch recovery was written by Patricia Snyder of the Daily Courier.

The 17 July edition contained a full page of photographs of the Biscuit Fire Area.