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Charles B. Tribe ( Missoula 1956 )

posted: Nov 16, 2016

Chuck, 82, died on November 9, 2016, in Missoula. He first worked for the USFS on a blister rust crew in Idaho at age 17. Chuck enlisted in the Marines at age 18 and went ashore in Korea in 1952.

When he came back from his enlistment, Chuck jumped at Missoula 1956-58 while completing his degree in Forestry at the University of Montana. He then worked for the Forest Service in R-1 and was the Forest Planning Officer on the Lolo N.F. where he helped produce one of the earliest truly conservation-based Forest Plans in the Nation.

Upon retirement, Chuck served on the Five Alleys Land Trust board of directors for 27 years. His fingerprints can be found all across the open and protected landscapes of the Missoula Valley. He was green long before green was ever cool. His politics were grounded in inclusiveness, our obligations to each other, and our duty to be good stewards of the earth.