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Clem LeRoy Pope ( Cave Junction 1946 )

posted: Nov 25, 2014

Clem died October 10, 2014, in Hood River, Oregon. He was a WWII paratrooper and the second known smokejumper to serve with the OSS in China.

Clem jumped at Cave Junction after the war and continued his education in Forestry receiving his Bachelor's from Purdue and a Master's degree from Michigan.

He was well known in the Oregon logging and lumbering industry throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Perhaps most significant in his career during that time was his role with Hult Lumber and Plywood of Horton and Junction City, Oregon.

Clem's grandson, Clem V. Pope (GAC-03), is an NSA Scholarship winner and jumped at Grangeville.