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Gerald J. Linton ( Missoula 1948 )

posted: Jul 19, 2011

Jerry, 83, died July 18, 2011, in Spokane, Washington. He was born in Priest River, Idaho, June 24th, 1928 and graduated from West Valley High School in Spokane in 1946.

Jerry attended Montana State University in 1948-49 and the Commercial Trades Institute in Chicago in 1950.

He was drafted into the Army in January 1951, serving a two-year stint in the 231st Combat Engineers Battalion "A" Company. Jerry jumped from Missoula in 1948 and 1949, but already had Forest Service experience as he had worked in the Blister Rust Control Project during summers in high school. He volunteered to jump in the Lolo National Forest to help find and recover an injured hunter.

Jerry had a 30-year career with Sears Appliance's in Spokane, Washington.

Jerry went skydiving on his 63rd and 80th birthdays and attributed his great physical appearance to attitudes and work from his early jobs with the Forest Service and smokejumping. He was a life member of the NSA.