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William R. Beasley ( Idaho City 1960 )

posted: Jun 6, 2011

Lt. William R. Beasley, a pilot with the 281st Aviation Corps flying for the Special Forces, died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam. He was born January 16, 1942 and died September 25, 1966.
From the Vietnam Wall Memorial: "You were a great class president at Emmett High School and hero after high school. Said a prayer for you when I saw your name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington"
"You and I were classmates at Fort Gordon in Officer Basic School, Signal Corps, in 1965. You were a fine young fellow and I remember you forever as a young man with obvious leadership talent, good humor and quiet demeanor. Within 6 months, most of our class was in Vietnam. I was heartbroken to learn of your death via The Stars and Stripes. May your grandchildren carry your fine genes. 52 years later, I remember you still."

He jumped at Idaho City 1960-62.