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Richard "Dick" Peltier ( Missoula 1946 )

posted: Dec 9, 2010

Dick, 85, died March 30, 2010, in Kalispell, Montana. He attended Lincoln County High School in Eureka, Montana, quitting at 17 to join the Army. Dick, like many of his generation, started work with the Forest Service at an early age and did some firefighting on the Kootenai NF in 1941 before WWII where he served with the 11th Airborne in the South Pacific. He was a part of the peace treaty ceremony between the U.S. and Japan in 1945.

Dick jumped three seasons (46-48) and was married in 1949. He then worked at a variety of jobs ranging from ranching, packer, aerial observer and ski lift operator. He lived in Libby, Montana, for 33 years and worked in the woods as a faller and dozer operator.