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Norman C. Knapp ( Missoula 1947 )

posted: Oct 21, 2010

Norm, 87, died Oct. 15, 2010, in Aurora, Colo. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1940 and based at Pearl Harbor, he was deployed to the South Pacific as part of Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-123 during World War II. During his service Norman advanced to the rank of sergeant major, youngest to achieve this rank at the time. After the war, Norm moved to Missoula, where he entered the University of Montana. He jumped from Missoula for just the 1947 season, finding school to be increasingly challenging; he joined the Missoula City Fire Department. Norm completed his studies in 1950 with a degree in geology.

Norm went work for the Army Corps of Engineers Oahu Dam Project on the Missouri River. Mobil Oil hired him as a petroleum geologist, and he worked in Montana, North Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. He had 33 years of service with the company.