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Larry G. Looney ( Idaho City 1954 )

posted: Mar 4, 2010

Larry, of Boise, Idaho, died February 16, 2010, at his winter residence in Palm Springs of leukemia. After serving in the Coast Guard, he graduated from the University of Idaho with Bachelors and Master's degrees in 1958. After serving as a teacher, principal and superintendent in various school districts, Larry moved to Idaho in 1964 where he worked in the Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene school systems.

In 1968 Larry was elected as a State Representative from District Two and served two terms in the House of Representatives. Larry was appointed Commissioner, Dept. of Revenue and Taxation, Idaho in 1975 and moved to Boise. He retired in 1993. Larry jumped at Idaho city 1954-56, McCall 1959-61 and 1965.