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Glenn H. Smith ( North Cascades 1939 )

posted: Jan 14, 2010

Glenn died of natural causes in Tucson, Arizona, March 28, 1988. He was one of the original professional parachutists who came from Los Angeles to Winthrop, Washington, for the USFS 1939 experimental parachute program. He made the first timber jump during the tests to see if firefighters could be parachuted safely to wildfires. The success of project led to the establishment of the USFS Smokejumper Program in 1940. Glenn continued to jump at Missoula until 1950 with the exception of a two-year break during WWII.
He was one of the earlier smokejumpers to be recruited by the CIA and worked in the Agency loft in Okinawa and was loft foreman at the Marana, Arizona, facility. His two sons Ben (MSO-64) and Mike (MSO-69) were also smokejumpers.