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Rex Hubert Post ( Missoula 1954 )

posted: Jan 1, 2002

In the April 1996 issue of the Newsletter, we mentioned Steve Henault (MSO-46) and his death, along with two others, in the crash of an Alaska Army National Guard aircraft at the 14,880 foot level of Mt. Sanford, 200 miles east of Anchorage, on March 19, 1971. He was flying the aircraft from California to his home base at Fort Richardson, Alaska.

We also stated that a two-man volunteer rescue team, made up of famed Alaska mountain climber and guide, Ray Genet of Talkeetna, and Rex Post, a Pan American World Airways captain on leave, had been dropped off from an Army helicopter at the 15,500 foot level in an attempt to reach the wreckage.

At the time we did not realize that Rex was also a former Missoula jumper. Rex died on the mountain in the rescue attempt from "high altitude sickness," a situation wherein one's lungs fill with fluid and a person actually suffocates. Connie Orr (MSO-53) gave us additional information about Rex recently. Rex was 38 years old at the time of this death. He had been living at Seahurst, Washington in the Seattle area.

Rex, 33, was born March 7, 1933, and died March 19, 1971. He was in the Navy 1957-62 and jumped at Missoula 1954-56.