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Stephen Norrod ( MYC 1978 )

posted: Jul 27, 2006

Steve, 58, died July 24, 2006. He was born in Bethesda, Maryland, and was raised throughout the South, including Tennessee, Florida and Alabama. After high school, Steve traveled west, where he spent ten years as a smokejumper jumping at McCall, Fairbanks and Boise.

He received an undergraduate degree from East Tennessee State and obtained his master's in social work from the University of Dayton. Steve was employed by New Day Mental Health Center in Billings at the time of death.

Four month's before his death, Steve was advised that he should enter Hospice as his cancer spread. He refused this care and continued working even carrying his own oxygen.

On Monday, July 24, 2006, Steve was short of breath as he readied himself for work. He called his own ambulance, was admitted to the hospital and passed away shortly after dark. He was courageous and determined as he literally fought to the very end.

Steve jumped at McCall 1978, 80, Fairbanks 1981-84, NIFC 1987-90.