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Austin "Art" J. Murry ( Pilot )

posted: Jan 1, 2002

Art, who was a jumper pilot at Cave Junction in 1967, and after that year a lead plane pilot on the Wenatchee N.F.,died at his home at Medford, Oregon on February 14,1970,from a heart attack while jogging. He is survived by his widow Kathy. Delos Dutton, (Missoula'51), sent us this information relating to Art. Delos said: "Art was a great pilot and the jumpers were very impressed by his cargo-dropping accuracy. He had been selected as a jumper pilot from the Rosenbaum Aviation firm at Medford, Oregon, where he had been flying B-26 retardant aircraft. Later, the Wenatchee N.F. recruited him from the Siskiyou at Cave Junction and he became their lead plane pilot. He was striving to lose weight and was on a diet. Then, something went terribly wrong. He was jogging one morning and a neighbor found his body lying alongside a road about a mile from his home. He had died from a heart attack. Art had been a very active sportsman. At one time he had been the Air Operations Officer for an aerial reseeding project on the Wenatchee N.F., which involved three Twin Beech's. He took his golf clubs with him and played golf when he couldn't fly. Art was a great person as well as a very good pilot. He was well liked by the smokejumpers, fellow pilots, and all of the people he worked with."