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Timothy T. Ross ( NCSB 1974 )

posted: Dec 17, 2003

Timothy Thomas Ross, 49, passed away peacefully on December 5, 2003 at his home in Everett, Washington. He was born on May 3, 1954 in Colville, WA, the son of David and Joy Ross. Tim grew up in Bridgeport, WA graduating high school in 1972.

Tim began his firefighting career with the Forest Service at age 15 and started smokejumping at the age of 20 at NCSB.
He jumped from 1974 through 1977. He was part of the first Region 8 detail in 1976 to the eastern states of Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia returning with many amazing stories from that jumping detail. Tim compiled 103 jumps during his career at Winthrop, with over 50% of those being fire jumps.

After smokejumping, Tim began a career of firefighting with the Everett Fire Department, where he has worked for the past 25 years. Tim rose from firefighter to paramedic and finally to the rank of Captain during his career with the Everett Fire Department.

Tim was twice voted Instructor of the Year by his peers. He was also active on the Washington State Critical Incident Stress Management Team, and served as State President during 2002-2003. Tim was a giver to all those who knew him. He touched many lives with his smiles, his jokes, and his selfless ways.

The brotherhood of Everett Firefighters cared for Tim and his family by being with him 24/7 in his final months of life.

Tim's untimely death was from Gliobastoma Multiforma, a very aggresive type of brain cancer that has a much higher rate of incidence among firefighters. Because the State of Washington has recognized this type of cancer as a line of duty related death, a full firefighter military funeral honored Tim's passing. His funeral was attended by over 50 fire departments from Washington and British Columbia.

Bill Moody (NCSB-57) and John Button (NCSB-75) attended as representatives from NCSB. Larry Longley (NCSB-72) is a Captain with the Everett Fire Department and worked on the same platoon as Tim. Larry has been a friend and co-worker with Tim for over 30 years and served as one of the pallbearers as well as helping to plan the funeral service.