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C. Murray Braden ( Missoula 1944 )

posted: Jan 1, 2002

Charles McMurray Braden was born in Santiago, Chile, on June 9, 1918, where his father was running a religious bookstore and had taught at the University of Cochabamba.

Murry graduated from Northwestern University with a major in Physics and pursued his education at the Chicago Theological Seminary. During WWII he was assigned to the Civilian Public Service program (CPS) near Coshocton, Ohio, where he worked on a soil erosion research project.

In 1944 Murray volunteered for the CPS 103 Smokejumper Unit near Missoula and jumped the 1944 and 1945 seasons.

After the war, Murry began teaching Mathematics at the University of Minnesota where he completed a masters in Physics and a Ph.D. in Mathematics. He then began a 25-year association with Macalester College. Starting as an assistant professor, he eventually was elected Dean of the Faculty. In 1959 he received a National Science Foundation grant to study and teach at U.C. Berkeley. In his spare time he studied, designed and experimented with rotary engines such as the Wankel engine.

While his wife Geraldine taught at Boston University, Murry continued his work at the Digital Corporation in Maynard, Massachusetts. Murry passed away on August l, 2000, in Saint Paul, Minn. He is survived by his wife, Geraldine and four children.