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Hugh Jenkins ( Missoula 1949 )

posted: Jan 1, 2002

Hugh was killed in action in Korea will serving with the 3rd Division north of Seoul on April 25, 1953. He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions on the day of his death. He joined the Army in 1952. A graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, he was a pacifist and was classified as a conscientious objector when the war began. He volunteered as a medic but changed his mind and entered the infantry.

"I am certain that the only way for a man to be truly happy, to feel serene and peaceful in his soul, is to give himself to God. I don't claim to have done this yet, but I'm getting closer; I'm trying. When a man is with God completely, he will have four qualities: faith, hope, love and courage. And if he has these things, he will be happy, no matter what his outward circumstances are. He will be steady, strong, smiling and humble, and confident. No one with hope can despair. No one with courage can quit, while no one with love would want to quit. And no one with faith can fail."
Hugh Jenkins age 16, diary entry, October 16, 1945.

"During the early morning of 25 April 1953, in the vicinity of Surang-ni, Korea, Company F was defending strategically valuable Outpost "Harry" against a large scale enemy assault. Disregarding the intense mortar and artillery concentrations accompanying the attack, Corporal Jenkins bravely directed the fire of his squad upon the enemy. While leading his men, he was seriously wounded by fragments from an exploding artillery round but, ignoring his wounds, courageously continued to defend the outpost. Through Corporal Jenkins's sound judgment and aggressive leadership, his men mortally wounded or repelled all enemy troops attacking their sector. Observing a friendly casualty, Corporal Jenkins left his position and rushed to aid the man. In this valiant attempt to save his comrade, he was mortally wounded by the enemy fire."

Hugh jumped at Missoula 1949-51 and is the brother of NSA Life Member Starr Jenkins (CJ-48).