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Junior Duane Eberly ( McCall 1945 )

posted: Nov 4, 2020

Junior died January 27, 1996 in Colby, Kansas. He was born June 22, 1921, in Overbrook, Kansas and was a member of the Brethren Church. In 1942 he was living/working in McPherson, Kansas, for Santa Fe Trailway (bus co.) and was drafted into Civilian Public Service that year. J.D. jumped at McCall during the 1945 season and had eight fire jumps in addition to his training jumps.

Duane, the name he went by on official documents, left CPS in 1946 and was working at McPherson College in 1948 where he might have also been a student. He married and, with his wife Marie, raised four children in Colby, Kansas, where he taught in the Colby School District.