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Charles Weldon Sena ( Missoula 1950 )

posted: Jul 27, 2020

Chuck, 80, died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 18, 2008. He was born in Gary, Indiana, September 14, 1927. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps on May 30,1945, soon after WWII came to an end, resulting in his discharge on August 3, 1946. With knowledge that the G.I. Bill gave advantage to veterans with overseas time, he "re-upped" in the U.S. Navy which took him to China at Yeoman Class. Following his discharge, he signed on with the smokejumpers and made one fire jump on the Hungry Rock Fire in the Lolo N.F.

Terminations at Missoula began early so Chuck went to Yellowstone Park where he was hired on as a laborer with the maintenance crew. With the on-set of winter he bought a 1931 Model-A Ford convertible coup from fellow jumper, Ed Harmening (MSO-50) for $100 and headed home.

Using the G.I. Bill, he began his education, majoring in mathematics at Hanover College, in Hanover, Indiana, University of Illinois and the University of Kentucky. He married in 1957. Chuck entered business in a partnership, later buying out his partner and renaming the firm "Systems IV Packaging." He is buried at Island Cemetery at Washington, Door County, Wisconsin.