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Edward G. Sartain ( Missoula 1950 )

posted: Jun 1, 2020

Ed died July 19, 2013, and is interred at the Houston National Cemetery, Houston, Texas. He was born January 27, 1929, in Great Falls, Montana, where he graduated from high school in 1947.

Ed went to the Univ. of Montana 1948-50, got a bachelor's from the Univ. Texas in 1957 (Mathematics),and did graduate work at other institutions.

He was in the USAF 1951-54, and worked for Dresser Industries 1957-65 where he was a design and project engineer.

From there he worked at the NASA Mission Control Center 1966-95 where he was involved in subsystems for Apollo, Skylab, and
shuttle support.

Ed was a Missoula smokejumper in 1950, having seven practice jumps and one fire jump. Ed married in October 1958 in Texas and resided there for the remainder of his life.