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Dwight L. Hostetler ( Missoula 1945 )

posted: May 26, 2020

Dwight died February 12, 2017. He, along with his twin brother Donald, was born December 6, 1925, in West Liberty, Ohio. After graduating from high school in the spring of 1944, Dwight joined the Civilian Public Service program for military conscientious objectors in Camp # 4 in Virginia as a member of the Mennonite service program.

In June 1945, Dwight expressed interest in becoming a smokejumper and was selected to join CPS-103 and trained to become a smokejumper at Nine Mile, Montana. After training, he was assigned to the Missoula area for the 1945 fire season. After smokejumping, he returned to CPS Camp Number 4 and was discharged in March 1946.

Dwight returned to farming with his brother and father in West Liberty. He gave up farming in 1953 and worked for a fabricating metal business in West Liberty for 35 years. After retirement, Dwight became an expert wood craftsman producing top-quality toys and heirlooms for children and adults.