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William R. Godden ( McCall 1950 )

posted: May 19, 2020

Bill died February 5, 2017, in Blanco, Texas. He grew up in Idaho and moved to Ogden, Utah, where he graduated from high school. Bill's father, Floyd, had a career in the USFS and in 1950 when he started smokejumping, his father was Regional Fire Control Director for Region Four. Bill was a smokejumper in 1950 and 1951 at McCall, Idaho, and had five fire jumps in 1950 and eight in 1951.

In 1950, he attended Colorado A&M College enrolling in the school of Veterinary Medicine, receiving his DVM in 1954. Upon graduation from Veterinarian School, Bill began a twenty-three-career with the Air force.

While in the Air Force, he received a MS degree in Radiation Biology from the University of Rochester in 1962 and graduated from the Armed Forces Staff College in 1966. By 1969, he was a Lieutenant Colonel and was assigned to the Defense Atomic Support Agency at Brooks AFB, Texas, retiring in 1978.