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Arcus Fire develops attachment for waterless wildfire suppression

by Nick Davis, CEO, Arcus Fire |

United Kingdom-based Arcus Fire has launched a crowdfunding campaign to allow it to test, modify and demonstrate its new agricultural attachment capable of “snuffing out” grass, field and forest fires without using any water.

The last few years have shown a marked increase in the intensity of wildfires worldwide. Farmers are frequently nearby, with equipment, but are often forced to watch helplessly as small vegetation fires develop into wildfires.

The Arcus blower attachment can be picked up by any tractor and be operational in less than a minute. Its high-volume output exceeds 25,000 cubic feet of air per second at a nozzle-outlet speed of more than 200 mph. This can blow out a fire in the same fashion as a person blowing out a candle. The blower is effective on grass and crop fires as well as forest surface fires.

Farmers hold the key to containing and reducing the rate of spread of fires before they get out of control, and this low-cost tractor attachment will play a critical role in combating fires’ destructive nature.

Australian fires, for example, have caused 34 fatalities since June 2019, have scorched 34 million acres and have destroyed more than 6,500 buildings. The direct cost to the government will reach more than $3 billion.

For more information, contact Nicholas Davis, Arcus CEO, at (44) 203-637-6007 or at