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Klondike Fire nearly extinguished; local agencies now managing it

by Klondike Fire Wildfire News |

After a very long fire season, the management of the Klondike Fire is being returned to a local Type 4 management organization Monday morning.

Patrols will be ongoing in the Agness, Ore., area. Repairs and patrols will be ongoing from Cave Junction, Ore.

The Evacuation Level 1 ("ready") will remain in place for all residences in the area of Oak Flat Road, Old House Creek Road and all residents on the north and south sides of the Agness Road (3300) from the Illinois River Bridge to Coon Rock Bridge. The need for this level will be evaluated frequently and reduced as appropriate.

Firefighters worked Saturday to check heat signatures identified by an earlier infra-red flight. No issues of concern were found in these locations. Restoration of the pastures near the Agness Work Center is underway. Fence repairs have been completed.

Crews and heavy equipment have made significant progress in suppression repair work. Resource advisors are guiding all repairs. Crews are clearing ditches of Forest Road (FR) 2308 of woody debris and piling the debris for later disposal. Grading and backhoe work is expected to be completed by the end of the day.

An additional local crew will assist with the covering of debris piles created during hazard tree removal on FR 4105. Road repair work is on-going along FR 2509. Work on FR 4105 has been completed.