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A Welcomed Message From Doug Houston

by Chuck Sheley |

Recently Doug Houston (RAC-73) had a heart attack while working out in Missoula.
For all of us who have been following Doug's recovery, this message is well received:

From Doug----
I have several people to thank for bringing me back to life and for taking care of me during this ordeal.

It was a perfect storm as I collapsed off of the elliptical trainer. A doctor, Leah Pettinger, happened to be a few feet away and she started CPR immediately, then came the staff of the Peak with an AED and went to work. Shortly after, came the Missoula County Fire and Rescue, who helped with CPR.

These were pretty big boys and I can say that the chest still has a "good hurt" to it.
They said that I was their first save in 6 years, so they were very excited. I have stopped in and thanked them all.

Others who really helped out were Eddie Ward, Paige Houston, and Jack Kirkendall. Both Paige and Jack stayed with me thru the first three days and helped me back to life from the induced coma. I can't say enough about all three.

Fred Cooper was another one who came in often and kept everyone in the loop and I thank Fred. He knows personally what I was going through.

To all of the others who came in, called, texted, sent cards, and gave me positive thoughts and prayers, I thank you very much. It was a team effort to see me through this ordeal. Who would have thought this would happen. Surely not me.

So, I'm on the mend, wearing a defib vest until I get a defib/pacemaker put in on the 24th of this month. Therapy has me back doing 40 minutes on the treadmill or bike. Exactly what this fatboy needed and it is helping the recovery.

Thank you all for your support and the smokejumper community is remarkable. We are brothers and sisters for life and I really do appreciate that. It is a unique club to be in.