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Off-Season Firefighters Looking For Support

by Dan Ryen (NCSB-08) |

In 2013 with the assistance of Mat Mendonca (RAC-07) and Bre Orcasitas (RAC-10), I started a non-profit called Bushfire Bros.

Bushfire Bros is an organization for connecting wildland firefighters (primarily smokejumpers, hotshots and rappellers) to international projects in need of skilled, resilient volunteers.

We have partnered with projects worldwide to create a mutually beneficial network where firefighters can experience the positive effects of volunteering abroad and international projects can count on having the very best volunteers available.

Currently we are raising money to send firefighters to Drill Ranch in SE Nigeria to assist in tracking wildlife through the rain forest, conduct forest rehabilitation and educate local communities on safer firefighting techniques and forest conservation.

We are seeking donations to send qualified individuals to this project and to help cover costs of field expenses.

If you would like to donate for this or any of our projects, or are interested in learning more about our organization, please visit