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Smokejumper Action Moves to Redmond and Redding

by Chuck Sheley |

Redmond, backed by 21 boosters from other bases, jumped 10 fires in the last two days. It was an efficient use of jumpers as nine of these fires were manned by two and four jumpers. As of today, there were 10 available jumpers at the base with eight scheduled to Demob from fires today.

In Redding, Josh Mathiesen and 13 others jumped the Corral Fire on 8/8/13 and are still on that incident. There are only four available jumpers at Redding this morning.

Alaska continues to be busy with 26 out on fires a of today.

Boise, out of Salt Lake, has eight on fires.

The biggest reserve pool at this time is Missoula (19), NCSB (13), West and Redmond with ten.