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Gary Baumgartner (FBX-88) Presented Leadership Award

by Chuck Sheley |

Bill Cramer (NIFC-90 Chief Alaska Smokejumpers): “We presented Gary Baumgartner (FBX-88) with the 2011 Al Dunton Smokejumper Leadership Award on Friday (May 11,2012). The presentation went really well with Mary Dunton, our State Director, Associate State Director, and quite a few local alumni in attendance.
The award gained an impressive amount of support on the DOI side of the house with articles in “oneInterior” and coverage in the local press.
On behalf of the jump program, I want to thank you and the directors for your support and assistance in developing this award. Aside from the well-earned recognition to selected individuals, this award will help increase awareness of the positive contributions the program brings to both agencies.”