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Scott Wicklund (NCSB-91)Injured in Paraglider Accident

by Doug Houston (RAC-73) |

On Friday the 23rd of March, Scott Wicklund,jumper/squadleader, was injured making a low-level turn on his paraglider at the base of the Loup Loup ski hill. The hill was closed at the time, but an individual stopped by the lodge and saw and heard Scott. He was transported by Aero Methow to Omak and flown to Harbor View hospital in Seattle, WA. As of Tuesday March 27th, Scott has had three surgeries. His injuries were as follows: facial lacerations, two broken ribs, three breaks in his pelvis, and the ball of the femur was broken off in two pieces.
Scott asked to not be contacted by phone. Please contact him by email ( and Facebook. Do not use text.