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Yensen Update

by Chuck Sheley |

From Jim Lancaster (MYC-62):

Bill Yensen is still in St. Lukes hospital (downtown) but has been moved back to the CCU (Critical Care Unit). He has an immediate challenge with internal bleeding that may require another operation late today (8-15) or tomorrow. His wife Arlene is spending most of her time with him and has been supported by a steady stream of smokejumpers and friends who
have dropped by to visit. Bill spending most of time sleeping and hasn't had solid food since entering the hospital.

As many of you know, Bill has a very long road ahead of him. When he does leave the hospital, Arlene told me today there will be weeks of rehab. She is very thankful for the strong outpouring of friendship and support received thus far....our job is to sustain the effort until Bill is back on his feet. Go visit or send a card when you can.