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Yensen Update

by Chuck Sheley |

Just got this from Leo Cromwell (IDC-66):

I just got off the phone with Bill's wife, Arlene, and here is the update of Bill's battle with the Staph Infection. Yesterday afternoon, Bill underwent a 4-hour operation to remove the Staph from his left and right shoulder, right elbow and right hip and also a finger or two. The doctors are hopefully that all has been removed and he has been sleeping a lot during this recovery.

Everything is looking good and the doctors said that a lesser man would not have made it with this much infection in so much of his body. God must have felt that Bill still had a few more knifes on which to carve his jumper wings.

Hope that some of you in the Boise area will have time to pay Bill a visit soon and get to here his smokejumper stories one more time. He is in the Boise downtown Saint Lukes around State and Broadway, you might call first and see if he has left ICU and has a room.