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Jon McBride Update

by Chuck Sheley |

The following information was received from Carl Gidlund (MSO-58):

Jonís obituary will follow, but this is an early alert regarding his memorial service.

Jon has been cremated, and his son, Jon M. McBride, has decided he will sponsor two memorial services for his dad, on July 16 and July 24. Those coincide with the first day of training for two sets of trail crews. Spouses and other friends will also be welcome.
The services will begin at 8 a.m. both days and will be conducted in the Museum of Mountain Flying on Missoulaís Johnson-Bell Field (Missoula International Airport).

Jonís son has asked that, in lieu of flowers, those who wish to memorialize his father's memory may do so by contributing to the National Smokejumper Associationís Good Samaritan Fund. The Good Samaritan Fund meets the special needs of current and former smokejumpers.

The mailing address for this fund is:

Charles Brown, NSA Treasurer
2723 Wilderness Ct.
Wichita KS 67226