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Gallery Update 6/06

by webmaster |

I worked a little today getting the gallery code updated so as to solve the problem with server load, and have that completed. But the upgraded code is buggy and does not function correctly. I'm currently looking for solutions in the gallery community.

Gallery is an example of an open source project, and thus it has may people programming it who generally do a great job, but there are often issues that take a little teamwork to figure out. This is one of them.

I have confidence that with time I can fix the problem with the new upgraded script and get our image gallery back in business. But,... it is entirely possible that the upgraded script will still cause the same excessive server load that lunarpages is unhappy with. Only time will tell if this does it, and only after I get it actually functioning.

There's an outside chance I will need to wait til I return to my home to complete things, but I will continue to try to fix this from the road.