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Image Gallery Down

by Webmaster |

Lunarpages, our hosting company, has blocked access to the image gallery.

Our usage of the image gallery has been quite strong in general as one of the most popular features on the site, and that has been magnified as one might expect with the reunion coming up. Unfortunately we are using more of the server than is our share. In one way of looking at it, this is a great thing because it means you all are using and enjoying all the great images that folk have placed up there for you.

Unfortunately our host, Lunarpages, tends to shoot first and ask questions later, and has pulled the gallery down without warning. We have no way to track the magic percentage that has caused the gallery to be pulled, and so my first indication that we had an issue was the email from Lunarpages this morning informing me that it was pulled.

I've spoken with them of course and made clear that while I understand and support the idea that one website can't hog all the bandwidth, this really isn't a case of that (we are pulling less than 3 percent). The technition I spoke with agreed, but it has to go upstairs to the administrator who pulled the plug in the first place, so we wait and see. Should be a few hours.

My hope is that they will give us some grace and I can upgrade our software when time permits, as another complication is that I am in California for my sisters wedding.

Will post when I know more.