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Senior's project gets boost from Smokejumpers

by webmaster |

Kelsey Speer is a senior graphic design student in Minneapolis, MN. "I grew up in Montana and my Dad has worked for the Forest Service for my whole life. I've known about Smoke Jumpers for as long as I can remember." she shared with us.

So when Kelsey was assigned a project to make an informational poster for one of her design classes, she thought it would be great to make the poster about smoke jumpers, to educate her peers about the men and women who jump from planes into raging forest fire.

Kelsey contacted and got permission to hunt the NSA's image gallery for photo's to use. She also got help from two smoke jumpers who are accomplished photographers, Mike McMillian (FBX 1996) and Jon Marshall (MSO 2004). Both Mike and Jon gave Kelsey permission to use their works in her project.

On completion of her project, Kelsey got excellent feedback from both peers and instructors on her work. "Everyone was very impressed with the photos!" To the NSA she says "Thanks again for being so helpful! I really appreciate it!"

We would add, we think the poster is pretty darn cool too! ...Mission accomplished!

Here is a PDF of the finished poster (PDF 11 MB). Please note that as an item intended for printing at a size of 22"x28", this is a very large file for the web, so be patient opening it. All rights are reserved by Kelsey, the photographers and the NSA.

You can access the Smokejumpers photography at the following:

Mike McMillan (FBX 1996) AL
@ image gallery
Professional site

Jon Marshall (MSO 2004) C
@ image gallery
Professional site

*All rights to these photographers works, both on their sites and ours, are reserved. Contact them directly with inquiries

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