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Reunion at Redmond: September 19, 20 and 21st

by Charley Moseley |

This is our first reunion at Redmond since we opened it up in 1964. It is being held on September 19,20 and 21st at the very beautiful Eagle Crest Lodge about five miles west of Redmond. Please hail past and current jumpers—and their friends.

We have mailed out and called every RAC jumper that we could find—and personally invited many jumpers from other bases. Many jumpers from the 60s and 70s have made contact—and it was a real pleasure to walk back down memory lane as in:

"Do you remember that time when Betts scattered a bunch of us along behind a thunderstorm and our locations never made it into Dispatch, and they jumped Bob to another fire. I think you spent two nights in that tree with our radio before Bob Webber finally answered.?"

Many jumpers who rookied at other bases have passed thru Redmond and vice versa. Where you "rookied at" has evolved to be a fairly small part in today’s jumper force.

The grand idea of making jumpers a fluid resource able to fit into any situation has just about come to full realization. It was a real pleasure last week to watch so many jumpers from so many bases move in and out of Redding and Redmond, and still provide coverage for the other regions. Impressive! Bill Selby and his staff were able to handle 83 jumpers on 17 fires on one day and apparently sleep pretty well with not one jumper left at dark. No problem—there were some on their way and would be available at daylight. A very good job by all involved.

--Charley Moseley