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Plankowner's Surving Wife Needs Your Help

by Wes Langley |

Harold Hackman was an early smokejumper plankowner here in Missoula.

His surviving wife, June Hackman, has a home insured and recently the insurance company discovered the home still has some Knob and Tube wiring left so the company won't keep it insured after next year's June renewal date.

She is living by herself and on social security and the cost to have the home wired would be prohibitive for her income.

This is a call to action to smokejumpers all over the country who have an opportunity to be of some assistance to this very special lady and surviving wife of a famous early smokejumper.

She is 82 and a very ambitious, capable person who you would think was a smokejumper. She just isn't young enough to climb up in the easily accessible attic to do the wiring herself.

Please contact Wes Langley (MSO-68), 406-721-5050, wes.langley.b613@statefarm.colm if you can lend a hand.