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Geof Hochmuht's Retirement Party

by webmaster |

Three things from 1950 that no longer have to work:
1.The 1950 Lincoln Continental
2.Post war advertising
3.Geof Hochmuht!

Please join us in celebrating Geof’s retirement

When: January 26th, 6 PM start and dinner @ 7 pm
Where: The Keuterville Pub, Keuterville Idaho (driving directions below)
Menu: Steaks and burgers
RSVP: Randy Nelson or Willy Acton 208-983-1964

From: Grangeville, Idaho
To: Keuterville, Idaho
Total Distance: 19.2 miles (30.9km)
Total Estimated time: 0 hrs., 33mins.

1. Start out heading WEST on E MAIN STREET towards W MAIN
STREET. Drive for a short distance.
2. Go STRAIGHT on W MAIN STREET. Drive for 0.5 miles.
3. Turn RIGHT onto US95 North. Drive for 12.5 miles.
4. Turn LEFT (West) onto TWIN HOUSE ROAD. Drive for 3.5 miles.
5. Turn LEFT onto KEUTERVILLE ROAD. Drive for 1.6 miles.
6. Keep LEFT to stay on KEUTERVILLE ROAD. Drive for 0.9 miles.
7. You have reached Keuterville, Idaho