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by Stevan Smith |

Pisidhi Indradat’s Critique of "Rescue Dawn"

After seeing "Rescue Dawn" I learned that it is a good movie for people who do not know the real story. For those who do know the real story, it is another "Hollywood style" movie full of exaggerations and lies.

I heard from many people that Werner Herzog is a good film producer who produced many good movies. I have never seen any of the movies he produced prior to this movie. For "Rescue Dawn", Herzog neglected and failed to make an effort to obtain accurate details and facts before making this film. The failure to research and get accurate information resulted in this film being 90% bull____ (mostly untrue).

"Rescue Dawn" portrayed the character of Eugene DeBruin (MSO- 59) as a crazy, abnormal, and emotionally unstable person. This false representation of Eugene's character truly hurt my feelings and I was very disappointed with the way Herzog developed Eugene's character in the movie. The movie's representation of Eugene DeBruin could not be further from the truth.

Author's Note: The movie represents itself as "Based on a True Story" to find out why that's not true read the Pisidhi Indradat's review of the movie, "Rescue Dawn." The subject of the movie is the daring escape from Ban Hoi Het prison camp by seven prisoners. The only living survivor of that escape is Pisidhi Indradat (Associate). Read his entire review at