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Reunion2007---UPDATE as of 3/14/2007

by webmaster |

HEAD'S UP! Reunion Registrations are arriving and we have determined a trend: A hearty interest in having Group Activities on Friday June 8, prior to the big Barbecue.….something to do for the early arrivals, and a chance to participate in another activity on Saturday. Therefore, we are going to provide two group activities on Friday afternoon.

1. Tour of World Center for Birds of Prey

2. Tour of National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), Smokejumper Base, and National Wildland Firefighter Memorial.

Both group activities will begin at approximately 1300 at Reunion Headquarters at the Boise State University Student Union Builoding.

These two newly scheduled events will not effect the Saturday schedule of events. Saturday will remain unchanged.

So, fill out your registration form and add a note that you would like to participate in one of the Friday afternoon Tours. (specify either Birds or NIFC). We’ll collect a fee at Registration Headquarters. Don’t send it now cause it will mees up our bookkeeping.

Also, GOLF Tournament, is filling up fast, so send your registration in now, to assure yourself a tee time.

Also, a Smokejumper Demonstration Jump is scheduled for 1600 at Boise’s Anne Morrison Park. Be there to watch 8 Smokejumper descendants of your heroic historic past….exit from a Twin Otter and land “in the spot” (hopefully). The Park is one mile downriver from Reunion Headquarters. Directions provided at Registration Headquarters.