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Store changeover delayed while hackers bring down site

by Webmaster |

We have been experiencing two issues that we would like to make you aware of. A hacker exploit brought the site down July 1st and 2nd while unrelated issues delayed the planned July 1st store changeover.

First, as some of you have probably noticed, the site was down for the better part of the Friday (July 1st) and Saturday (July 2nd). This was due to a hacker exploit. This was a general attack that affected thousands of accounts on our host’s machines and was not aimed at us personally. But it did require our host to pull the plug while evveryone close up ranks to prevent further abuse.

The other issue is that the scheduled handover of the store to Western Heritage has not taken place as we were expecting. It is unclear when the new service provider will come onboard. So we have figured that we might as well continue to offer the few remaining products in the current store and continue to give great deals until the changeover does take place. We’ll keep you posted on this.

Thanks for your patience in these matters