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NSA Merchandise Manager wanted!!

by Webmaster |

After six years, Chuck Sheley is stepping down as Manager of the Merchandise Program. As you know, Chuck is also editor of the Smokejumper Magazine, and he must focus more of his energy there as it continues to grow.

A significant portion of NSA funding for important programs such as reunions, membership services, and museum displays comes from the sale of NSA merchandise. Our ability to continue to serve NSA members with these benefits hinges on the continued good health of the Merchandise Program.

Chuck Sheley runs the NSA Merchandise program from his own home, procuring merchandise, receiving and filling customer orders, tracking finances, managing inventory, developing advertising, and planning future products for best return.

We need a volunteer to take this job on to be sure that the Merchandise Program continues as an important source of income for the Association. The job could also be accomplished with a team approach. Do you know someone that you could work with to assure this important NSA function continues to prosper?

For information please call Stan Linnertz (800) 228-8504x3218, or (402) 560-3226, or email