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Oklahoma Get Together

by Michael Ahern |

On the 22 and 23 of March this year Charley Moseley (CJ-62) hosted a gathering of the Oklahoma Smokejumpers at the Lake Eufaula State Park in Oklahoma. Had no idea there were so many ex-smokejumpers living down here in the flat lands. 24 were listed, 9 showed up. We had a great time sharing stories and discussing common friends and experiences. Most had their better halfs with them so met some really nice ladies to boot.

In attendance were: Bobby Johnson, Robert Herald, Glen Marlowe, Jesse Nelson, Terry Jorgensen, Jerry John from Oregon, and Gus Janzen who was a jumper way back in 1943.

I want to thank all of you. It was great getting to know you. Brought back memories that had been lost way back in the gray matter for some time. Especially I want to thank Charley for his efforts. I hope we can do it again sometime.

A topic on this even has been posted here at our online forum.

Michael Ahern (Winthrop 64/65)
1603 Alice Dr
El Reno, Ok 73036