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Smokejumper Exhibit Coming to Evergreen Aviation Museum

by Tracy Buckley |

Hi Guys, We've made a little bit of progress. A month ago I purchased several large used display cases, ten feet high by four feet wide and deep. These are earmarked for a smokejumper exhibit. The price was right, but they need refurbishment. Two are large enough for full-scale mannequins and the others are "half" cases that smaller objects will go in. I just got the P.O.s processed to purchase the supplies needed to get them re-done. The two gents (Evergreen carpenters) that will perform the work will fit it in their schedule as they can. And Evergreen contributed the shipping of the cases here. Being oversized, they were a little scary to ship. The current pink laminate siding (Yes, yech, pink) will be replaced with a wood grain laminate that will match the stations and graphic panels we currently use in the museum. Roof/dust control panels will have to be manufactured, since the cases are currently open at the top, and dust/pests in this building are definitely an issue. That's about as far as I have gotten. To update you on the museum, in May we received five new aircraft for display, bringing us up to a whopping 40! (there were 22 when we opened 11 months ago.) The new birds are: a C-130, Grumman OV-1D Mohawk, Bell UH-1H, and two homebuilt aircraft, one of which is an interactive, hands-on in which kiddoes can sit. We've also seen 220,000 visitors so far. Our one year anniversary is this Thursday, with a big celebration. And best of all, we received notification that we are the loan recipient of an SR-71 Blackbird! We have made an aggressive schedule of disassembling (without cutting the wings, quite a feat!) and having it reassembled by mid to late October. And, still working on the Evergreen Aviation Exhibit assigned to me two months ago. Hope to have that completed by mid-July. We also got a 1939 Staggerwing donated by the mayor of Ashland Oregon, she's a beaut. Come see! Last we left it, we were going to discuss a possible date for the fall, when you guys had your March meeting. Were there any dates you discussed? The iceberg is big, and we keep chipping away at it!