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NSA Historian Needed

by Chuck Sheley (Editor) |

Volunteer Historian needed to ensure NSA/Smokejumping history is accurately represented, maintained and preserved. The position is supported by volunteer staff members for special projects, video production and research. Primary responsibilities include:
NSA Historian (Keeper of the Flame)
Position Description

1. Primary contact for responding to requests for information or NSA resources regarding NSA or smokejumper history.
2. Develops and maintains plan for the preservation of NSA/smokejumper program history including : vision, goals , objectives.
3. Provides overall direction and coordination of various NSA history projects.
4. Maintains liaison and coordination with institutions which NSA has existing MOUís; i.e. U. of Montana, Evergreen Museum.
5. Focal point/facilitator for collection of NSA related documents, audio-visual media, artifacts and memorabilia.
6. Maintains record of items donated to various institutions, including copy of Deed of Collection.
7. Maintains library/file of annual base reports (history) and NSA publications.
8. Serves as spokesperson for NSA on requests for historical information.
9. Coordinates/assigns history related projects to Asst. Historian or Special Projects (History) persons.
10. Provides periodic history related reports at Board meetings.

Incumbents must have:
a. complete understanding of smokejumper program and its components
b. passion for preservation of smokejumper history
c. ability to work with variety of people within smokejumper community, academia and the media.

For more information or to express interest in the position please contact:
Bill Moody
P.O. Box 262
Twisp, WA. 98856
509 997 5971
509 860 0216 cell